The YYCS team

The Yesyoucan.spray team is constituted by the Lisbon SAT team plus:

Lady BDog


Originally from New York (the part closer to Canada than NYC), she’s lived around the US and the UK, and now resides in Lisbon. With a background in international law, she’s interested in the political history of street art and graffiti around the world. More photographer than painter. Usually found working in coffee shops around town, or at one of the city’s lovely garden kiosks. Loves BDog.



Portuguese woman with her heart in the colors that the world has to offer. She is multifunctional. Always searching for new experiences, she is a photography lover, a dancer and a researcher. With an academic background in tourism, her master’s degree research was based in the relation of city, tourism and urban art she also did a formation in urban dances(Bootcamp 1st edition). You can find her walking in the street searching for new pieces to photograph. ❤