17239702_1215386408581836_6006316608732004352_n.jpgyesyoucan.spray is a collective of women from different parts of the world. Working together closely with street artists all kind through not only our research but also our intend to highlight the “beauty” and message of what is written on the walls. We also tend to create a platform for anyone and everyone to learn to express oneself through the media of paint, stencil, paste up, and anything in between and explore in dialogue the reasoning behind these artists representing themselves through the cityscape.


All of our backgrounds differ between an artistic education, an anthropological background, a cultural scientific approach, a graphic design graduation, a do-it-yourself-intervention…  We all aim to create a new dynamic on the graffiti/street art scenery through different projects and one of them are these paintsessions to explore, experience and express oneself. Not necessarily to become the next generation of writers or artists, but to interrupt and awaken the senses of people passing by that particular created spot.

Check yesyoucan.spray facebook page to find all the paintsessions we already made 🙂