Friday What’s Up Lisboa #61

Another w’kend ! But ours hasn’t quiet started yet. So exceptionally we only share events from tomorrow onwards ; )  Music is definitely represented ! To shake or to listen or to just enjoy a nice copo de vinho ! Have a nice w’kend !

If you have any other suggestions for us, let us know here !

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Jà Sinto is more than just another artist. She runs a community-minded project to tease our imagination and explore our deepest «me». If you happened to have passed LX-Factory you must know her from her incredible mural representing a combo of typography and bringing back to life those values that society has lost or has faded out a little. Check out her exhibition this w’kend at the Malapata Art Gallery.

Saturday 15:00h – 20:00h // Malapata Art Gallery, Rua Nova do Almada 9



Hmm… Jazz ! This basement hotspot which you wouldn’t recognize so easily at first sight is a supernice hub to enjoy musicbeats, a few beers and ofcourse now & then some dancingsteps ! Winterweather does invite you shuffle together and absorb this live-event @ BUS Paragem Cultural !

Saturday 21:30h – 23:00h // BUS Paragem, Rua Maria 73



Something completely different and a little more up tempo are the African, Latin/Central American beats & sounds by TropiKaoz. If you won’t get warm on these rythms, nothing will ! Place-to-be: our familiar sweet sounds spot Bartô.

Saturday 22:30h – 01:50h // Bartô, Costa do Castelo


And if you wonder what to do on Sunday? Go to LxFactory @ Alcântara ! The hotspot to explore vintage, second hand, artisinal clothes and wanna-have’s, books (a lot !), good food, fresh smoothies, a rooftopbar, urban art (ofcourse ; ) and just wander… ;  )


Já Sinto © Lx Factory

Ah yes… And don’t forget our open tour on Saturday @ 3pm (15h) @ Praça Luís Camões ! You can register here !

If you join any of these events, let us know with our #lisbonstreetarttours & #whatsuplisboa


Friday What’s Up Lisboa #59

Olá… the w’kend has arrived again ! And this w’kend we decided we want to put our dancing shoes on… ! Yes ! Therefore… we found one particular party happening on Saturday ! But we want more ! If you have any suggestions for us, let us know here !

  • Tributo 100 Anos de Samba

Ever wondered how come Samba is so wild and free and colourfull and lovable and definitely not something to stand still upon… because it makes you dance, sing and feel alive again? Then you are in the right place @ Bartô to explore the origins of these Brazilian vibes through some liv9e-concerts !

Saturday from 10:30pm (22h30 / Bartô, Costa do Castelo 7

whatsup lisboa 59

  • Black January 13.01 | Art & Flea Market

As if we haven’t spend quiet enough yet during the holiday season, our familiar Anjos70 organizes a black market or actually… an art & flea market to fight the dark winterdays ; ) One can interpret in many different, the main thing… is to go check out this incredible mishmash of old, handmade and artisanal stuff !

Saturday @ 11am-7pm (11h-19h) / Anjos 70, Regueirão Dos Anjos 70

whatsup lisboa 59 I

  • Exposition “Fotografar é dar Vida” «To photograph is to give life» – Inauguration & Cocktail

If you like to help someone here or at the other side of the world with just a picture… then go check out this photographic exhibition of VIDA-ONG.

Saturday @ 7:30pm (19h30) / Fábrica Braço de Prato, Rua da Fábrica de Material de Guerra, 1

whatsup lisboa 59 II

  • Feira Intendente

If you can’t get enough to gather many little as well as big gadgets for your sister, grandfather, mother, best friend, godchild or even for yourself… this feira is a cute little multiculti hotspot to find a wide variety of second hand, vintage as well as selfmade goodies. Not to miss out !

Sunday @ 10am – 6pm (10h-18h) / Largo do Intendente

whatsup lisboa 59 IV

And ofcourse do not forget our open tour on Saturday @ 3pm (15h) @ Praça Luís Camões ! You can register here !

If you join any of these events, let us know with our #lisbonstreetarttours & #whatsuplisboa ; )

Friday what’s up Lisboa #50

olaaaaa beautiful people! We hope you enjoyed the Websummit week and get to do everything you wanted. 🙂

Rest is well deserved now and here are some nice activities happening in Lisboa this week-end.


  • The new art fest is starting and the opening is this Friday. The New Art Fest is an annual international festival of ‘new media’, and an important platform for artistic creativity and theoretical reflection associated with technology, science, and society.
    Opening Friday 19h-21h / MUHNAC, Rua da Escola Politécnica, 56.



  • Propaganda – Personal collection of Alexandre Farto aka Vhils. Inspired by various graphic and visual languages that marked the propaganda aesthetics of the 20th century, these posters were created by artists deeply committed to the causes they helped promote.
    Tuesday to Sunday 10h-19h / Underdogs Art Store, Rua da Cintura do Porto de Armazém A, Nº 20



  • On November 11th we celebrate Saint martin (aka São Martinho), eat some chestnuts and drink some Jeropiga. The association Renovar a Mouraria is offering to do it with them.
    Saturday 16h-00h / Renovar a Mouraria, Beco do Rosendo 8-10



Friday what’s up Lisboa #49

Olaaaa 🙂

Another week passed and we are again Friday. You are wondering what is to do in the city? Maybe a cool party or an exhibition? We have the answer for you 🙂


  • 3 days about natural healthcare, ecology with workshops, talks therapies… This is what you can find at the 2nd edition of Organii eco market in Lx Factory.
    Friday-Sunday / rua Rdrigues Faria 103, Alcântara



  • CRYSTALIZED 0.0 is an attempt at capturing those specific fractions of seconds in the imperceptible time and space of humanity, where the artist will show a few of his new projects depicting artwork based on this new way of looking within his own humanity, seeking those fleeting moments, allowing the viewers to take their time looking at those brief moments in time.
    Friday-Saturday / Apaixonarte, rua Poias de São Bento 57



  • A big mysterious solo show by Bordalo II: “ATTERO” Not much information appart some pics we already shared on FB and shared by the artist himself. You can already see some works in Cais do Sodré for instance.
    Saturday and Sunday / location unknown…



  • Visit the Gulbenkian museum while listening to a concert, that’s what they offer you this Sunday. A tribute to Ana Hatherly with works of João Madureira made from poems of the artist and some baroque music.
    Sunday 16h / Coleção do Fundador, avenida de Berna 45A



Friday again: check our agenda to know what to do in this busy week-end!

  • It’s not in Lisbon and it’s not for free, but if you’re interested in street art, you can’t miss it: Festival Iminente in Oeiras. It will be a mixture of music and art with more than 20 street artists present!

Friday-Sunday (14-22h) Largo Almirante Gago Coutinho, Oeiras

[how to get there: train from Cais do Sodrè to Oeiras]





  • If you don’t wanna move away from Lisbon you can enjoy another festival: Chapéus na Rua. You’d see any kind of street performances between Castelo and Intendente.

Friday-Sunday (17-23h) Largo do Intendente Pina Manique, Lisbon





  • Cinema São George organized an interesting festival too: Queer Lisboa 21. Films, documentary, short movies and talks all about going beyond borders! 😉

Friday-Saturday23 (21-23,30h) Av. da Liberdade nº175, Lisboa





Better late than never ! So here we go with a small overview of what you cannot miss this w’kend !

  • Ancestrofuturismo is the name of a event organized in Casa Independente for tonight: performance between music and visual art, don’t miss it!

Friday (22h-2h) Casa Independente Largo Intendente 45 Lisboa


  • Street art alarm!  Kova M Festival will take place in Bairro Alto da Cova da Moura (Amadora). This festival already takes place since 2012 and offers a wide variety of msuic, dance and paint on the walls ! The biggest population of migrants habit this area and that is also the big topic in bringing all of them together through art ! Some of our favourite artists will be present as well with some live painting: @Muleca, @Moami, @Vespapdfcrew and more !

Friday-Sunday (14h-21h) Cova Da Moura, Amadora


  • Do you want to enjoy music from all over the world? Go to Sines! Tomorrow is the last day you can enjoy worldbeats from all over the world during this amazing sunshining festival.

Saturday (19h-00h) Festival Músicas do Mundo, Sines


  • It will also be the last performance for the Companhia Nacional de Bailado during an impressive Festival ao Largo. A wonderful danceperformance that will take your breath away !

Saturday (22h-00h) Festival ao Largo,  just in front Teatro São Carlos R. Serpa Pinto 9, 1200-442 Lisbon (Chiado).



  • Our open summertour at 10h30 with a meetingpoint at Praça Luís Camões. Do not forget to use sunscreen and ofcourse your bottle of water.

Sunday (10h30-13h)


  • And straight afterwards you can go explore the Brunch Electronik #2 with some great dj’s to swipe your lazy Sundayvibes away ! Go check it out at Tapada de Ajuda. Entrance fee (9 euros).

Sunday (14h-22h) Brunch Electronik, Tapada de Ajuda (10min. walking distance from Lx-factory).




this week-end there is lot’s of cultural events happening (click on the image to go on the facebook event):


  • Time lape II, an art exhibition by Rueffa starting this week-end, one year after the first one. Portraits of iconic characters and famous artists.
    opening : saturday from 19h to 22h
    Casa museu medeiros e almeida
    41 rua Rosa Araújo Lisboa


  • want to listen some good indie rock all night long ?
    saturday 23h to 6h
    Metropolis club
    35 avenida fontes pereira de melo
    centro comercial Imaviz