What’s up Lisboa #105

Hello you ! After this rainy week, sun is back and brings with it a mix of rhythms, arts and activities that will cheer you up for the week-end. Enjoy ! OFF-SITE/ ANA VELEZ, JOANA GOMES, MARIA SASSETTI, XANA SOUSA A coproduction between Underdogs Gallery and Atelier Contencioso? The result can’t be anything but perfect! … Continue reading What’s up Lisboa #105


What’s up Lisboa #104

Bonjour everyone ! It's week-end time and to celebrate it we prepared a program for you in which you'll surely find an interesting activity to do. You can check more infos about the events by clicking on the pictures. Enjoy 😉 HYPE MARKET Summer is (almost) coming and you don’t have anything to wear? Run … Continue reading What’s up Lisboa #104