Friday What’s Up Lisboa #59

Olá... the w'kend has arrived again ! And this w'kend we decided we want to put our dancing shoes on... ! Yes ! Therefore... we found one particular party happening on Saturday ! But we want more ! If you have any suggestions for us, let us know here ! Tributo 100 Anos de Samba … Continue reading Friday What’s Up Lisboa #59


Friday What’s Up Lisboa #58

Olápolola ! We hope you all recovered well from the holidayseason ! If you still manage to struggle with a «ressaca» (pt. for hangover) try out some soft boiled egg along with a slize of lightly toasted bread ; ) Luckily that's not really why we are writing to you. To start the first w'kend … Continue reading Friday What’s Up Lisboa #58


Good week-end to the world in sunny Lisbon! 🙂 Let's start with art: Giv Lowe organized an amazing exposition! The artist Aditya Aryal goes under the name SADHUX back in Nepal.  His works are up and living in the gallery. Friday (19h00) Praça de São Paulo - Lisboa Do you like cinema? Don't miss the festival … Continue reading FRIDAY WHAT’S UP #38!


What about this weekend in Lisbon? Check our suggestions! Let's start with art! A new exhibition is going to be in Underdogs: it's of an australian artist, Anthony Lister. Friday from h19                                               … Continue reading FRIDAY WHAT’S UP LISBOA #30


June is a very busy month in Lisboa: here are some suggestions for your weekend! (as usual click on the images to check the facebook event) Do you like urban art? Psychogeographic Lisbon guide - Exhibition is the right idea for your friday! You could see the map of the city throughout an artistic perspective: Dirty Cop, … Continue reading FRIDAY WHAT’S UP LISBOA #29