MUSEUM QUEST | Revelations at the Museum of Masory

It has been a tough article to write, because this time I didn't just have to write about my experiences but I actually had to do some research. The reason was the topic: Masonry. Everyone of us has heard some strange story about Masons. So did I, without ever looking into the matter any further. … Continue reading MUSEUM QUEST | Revelations at the Museum of Masory


What’s Up Lisboa #86

Olá lovely people ! The week-end arrived and since good things come in pairs, we prepared a special program for you to spend a funny week-end. If you have any other suggestions for us, let us know here ! (Click on the picture to go the event page) BRÁULIO AMADO/ 2800-10009: The Underdogs Gallery will … Continue reading What’s Up Lisboa #86

MUSEUM QUEST | Unexpected fascination

I went to to the Arpad Szenes-Vieira da Silva Foundation with a mission: get another less popular, less interesting museum off the list! Well, I did! But I also learned that less popular doesn't mean less interesting. In fact, laying eyes on the first paintings I forgot about my little mission. Instead I got sucked into the … Continue reading MUSEUM QUEST | Unexpected fascination

MUSEUM QUEST | A different journey through Lisbon

The what - visiting all the 65 museums around Lisbon within six months! The why - learning, exploring and showing that museums aren't all dusty and boring! The who - Simon, a dedicated explorer of all areas! Entrepreneurship, social media, the city or nature - you will find him in all of them. The Lisbon … Continue reading MUSEUM QUEST | A different journey through Lisbon