WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME ! Young, driven... and ready to take over the world ! Last summer this sympatique French artist came to Lisbon with a mission: mark the city with a superb mixture of calligraphy, street art and the well-known cartoon character Snoopy. Driven by the life-philosophy of this little dog, he immerses himself … Continue reading DARK aka DARKSNOOOPY


What’s Up Lisboa #94

There is a LOT happening this w'kend so we tried to select a few highlights for you ! If you are just passing through Lisbon, living the good life or you deserve a little break from long workingdays... there is definitely something in it for you ! (Click on the picture to go the event … Continue reading What’s Up Lisboa #94

MUSEUM QUEST | The Coach Museum – Part 2

After talking about the highlights of the collection and the controverse building of the National Coach Museum in Part 1 - A Clash of Styles it is time to explore Portuguese history. Assassinations and revolutions, earthquakes and royal weddings. This museum doesn't just have incredible carriages to show, but some amazing stories to tell. Oh, and did I … Continue reading MUSEUM QUEST | The Coach Museum – Part 2

MUSEUM QUEST | The Coach Museum – Part 1

What do Queen Elizabeth II, controversial architecture and Portuguese history have in common? Right! The National Coach Museum in Belem. Housed in a contemporary concrete building I found the most incredible coaches. No wonder this contrast fueled heated discussions around Lisbon! That aside, however, the museum was a place of awe while so closely linked … Continue reading MUSEUM QUEST | The Coach Museum – Part 1