Friday what’s up Lisboa #69

Olápolola... This week we started feeling the butterflies in our stomac and admire the green green grass blossoming, the birds whisteling since SPRINGTIME arrived ! A little chilly spring still but we definitely already absorbed some vitamine D. But that is not all. Besides our SPRING-GIVEAWAY-BAG (check our IG) we also like to share some … Continue reading Friday what’s up Lisboa #69


Tami Hopf

    An illustrator, art director and tattoo artist all-in-one all the way from São Paulo though now based in Switzerland, she passed beautiful Lisbon last summer for the big Paratissima-event... Here you can have a look on her wall-under-construction in Alfama-area. Most of her works contain a vulnerable combination of "joy and sorrow, euphoria and … Continue reading Tami Hopf