Friday What’s Up Lisboa #58

Olápolola !

We hope you all recovered well from the holidayseason ! If you still manage to struggle with a «ressaca» (pt. for hangover) try out some soft boiled egg along with a slize of lightly toasted bread ; )

Luckily that’s not really why we are writing to you. To start the first w’kend of 2018 with some good vibes, we want to suggest…

  • Festa de Reis | Ouro, Incenso e Birra

    No doubt that celebrating beer is a delicatesse everyone can learn to enjoy ! That is why different creative spaces, bars and restaurants in the neighbourhood of Marvila open their doors to a nice selection of local beers and performances. Check out the line-up by clicking on the pic !

    Saturday @ 14h-00h / on several locations in Marvila (Lisbon)


  • EDIS ONE solo exhibition « it makes sense »

A graffiti writer in heart and soul started experimenting with much more than just letters. This resulted in an incredible introspective multimedia approach to the contemporary street art scenerey.

Saturday @ 5pm (17h-20h) / Gallery Arte Periférica @ Centro Cultural de Belém LISBOA III

  • Don’t forget our very first open tour of 2018 lead by our new teammember Filipa, a Portuguese who lived and worked in different places around Europe ! You can register here !

  Saturday @ 3pm (15h) / Praça Luís Camões !


  • GOBI BEAR Live

A chill Sunday with this singer-songwriter from the North of Portugal. Eclectic sounds and soft voice to fill up a multiculti space !

Sunday @ 5pm (17h) / LARGO Café Estúdio at Largo Intendente


If you have any suggestions for us, let us know here !

If you join any of the above events, let us know with our #lisbonstreetarttours & #whatsuplisboa !



Lisbon’s Favorite Dog

BDog in Rego

BDog hangs out in pretty much every neighborhood in Lisbon. He’s up by the airport, down in Parque das Nações, over in Cais de Sodré, and in the quiet streets of Rego. BDog is a bright-eyed, tail-wagging cão, usually cheerful but sometimes rather skeptical. BDog seems to usually be a he, but is sometimes a she. He’s even occasionally a cat. I call him BDog, but I’m sure he goes by many names. A recent Instagram account, @lxdog, has dubbed him LxDog, and is attempting to “find all the #lxdogs in Lisbon.”



BDog is a character drawn by the Lisbon-based street artist Basta, hence the “B” that usually appears on his dog tag. Basta also often signs a “1418” near BDog, which I’ve yet to determine the significance of: the year João Gonçalves Zarco discovered Madeira? The year Nicolas Flamel died? A coffee shop in Plano, Texas? The European Commission Regulation concerning the export for recovery of certain waste? (Help me solve this mystery!)



Basta draws in a “ligne claire” style – useful for throwing up BDogs quickly and making a recognizable image that pops off the wall. And Basta’s dog is in good street art company: a stylized dog was one of Keith Haring’s signature images (both drawings below are by Haring). The joke, of course, is that like a dog leaving its scent around a city, Basta leaves BDog around Lisbon as his mark.



But instead of an unfortunate smell or squish under your shoe, BDog pops up here and there like a friendly face, a loyal companion who follows you around during the day. I think that’s why I enjoy seeing BDog so much – the image itself isn’t too complex, and it’s not outwardly political – but BDog’s constant presence around Lisbon makes you feel as if you live in a city where a faithful dog will greet you around every corner.



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Jane Olin-Ammentorp