Mário Belém

WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME ! Recently under the spotlights with his solo show at Underdogs gallery, it was about time to introduce you to Mário Belém. You probably cross at least one of his wall if you went to Pensão Amor. When he was young he started drawing Disney-figures (Mickey n Snoopy). He worked during 15 … Continue reading Mário Belém



WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME ! Today we will talk about Catarina Monteiro aka Glam, a graffiti-artist as well as illustrator and designer. Catarina is one of the few Portuguese street artists being a woman, known in the outdoor artworld! She started in the beginning of the new century. First with murals, from the conventional graffiti letters … Continue reading Glam


WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME ! Today we talk about a worldwide known Portuguese artist, Pantonio (or Antonio Correia). Born in 1975 in Azores, he already left his mark in many countries of the planet. His style is very recognizable, always using black and blue representing mainly animals or chimeras. He has a real graphic signature. … Continue reading Pantónio

William Mota

It's WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME! Today we want to introduce you to one of our dear friend, part of all the Brazilian artists that enjoy Lisbon and leave us beautiful treasures in the streets: William Mota. He inspire himself from African patterns and symbols. He has been occupying the streets of Lisbon since last summer … Continue reading William Mota

Andrzej Poprostu

Today let's talk about this Polish street artist/illustrator/graphic designer/... Andrzej Poprostu, who made a piece at Calçada da Gloria  representing Fernando Pessoa and his multiple personalities. Andrzej is already famous in Poland and made many murals, most of the time representing characters, even though he also has a things for pigs that he likes to … Continue reading Andrzej Poprostu