WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME ! You might have seen already some of their colourful alarm clocks pop up through our city. Last summer we even had the pleasure to host their very first mural in this lovely city (still standing strong) with our collective yesyouCAN.SPRAY. So it was about time to find out and share … Continue reading WÈKUP STREETRIDER


M. CHAT aka Monsieur Chat aka Thoma Vuille

WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME ! Did you ever bump into a yellow cat in the streets? He has travelled all over the world ! Even faced some prison-time. But no matter the reaction of authorities, he keeps on grabbing our attention while sharing with each and everyone an uncomplicated smile. And since he is celebrating … Continue reading M. CHAT aka Monsieur Chat aka Thoma Vuille


WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME ! Better late then never. And since this talent has been very busy these days... We definitely aim to still interrupt and introduce you to her peculiar and incredible world of mythical and definitely a little mysterious characters. She is a Belgian artist based in Lisbon. She has a history in … Continue reading CÄäT