WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME ! Better late then never. And since this talent has been very busy these days... We definitely aim to still interrupt and introduce you to her peculiar and incredible world of mythical and definitely a little mysterious characters. She is a Belgian artist based in Lisbon. She has a history in … Continue reading CÄäT



WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME ! Not so long ago we had the pleasure to meet up with a jazzmusician in heart and soul all the way from Belgium. Besides his musical vibes, he thought it was time for something new... Although from a very young age he got acquainted with the art of (oil)painting, it … Continue reading CEE PIL


WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME! Today we introduce you to the Belgium artist Bisser. He started to do graffiti to copy his brother. His work pop up in 2015 at Bloop Festival in Ibiza. Since then he never stopped. He inspire himself from cartoons like Kid Paddle or Simpsons and draw this strange characters using the … Continue reading Bisser