A taste of local with: THE BAR

What a better name for a bar than "THE BAR" meaning "THE place to be". Well today I will introduce you to our partner, Teresa Ruiz who owns this place. With its laid back environment and chill vibes, people gather in this bar of Principe Real to enjoy a fresh beer or a great cocktail … Continue reading A taste of local with: THE BAR


What’s Up Websummit – Agenda Special

Just this once, we prepare for you an agenda special for all the people that will arrive/arrived in Lisbon this week for the Websummit ! So first of all welcome to all of you in our amazing city of Lisbon. 🙂 If you want to discover the city of seven hills (aka Lisbon) through a … Continue reading What’s Up Websummit – Agenda Special

Tamara Alves

Tamara Alves is a Portuguese artist, based in Lisbon who’s inspired by urban life. Making use of supports with multifaceted characteristics – from painting to illustration, from tattoos to Street art. Her works reveal the duality between the delicate and sensitive and the raw and true. By taking out the organs, the heart mainly, and drawing naked … Continue reading Tamara Alves