A taste of local with: QUASE CAFE

Have you heard of the Quase Café? Well if not it is time to check it up! Opened in May 2016, you will feel just like at home in this Café located in the oldest neighborhoods in town: Alfama.
The concept is really nice and new as you can buy all the elements of their place. You like the chair you are sitting in? The cup of tea you are drinking with? Well just take it back home! Also it makes you want to come back all the time as it makes the decoration often changing!
Catarina & Joana were nice enough to answer a few questions about their cool Café:

1) What is the Quase café about ?

It is about delivering fresh food (brunch , lunch and tapas), all homemade in a confortable and unique place and environment, where you can feel much as being at home. All the furniture and all  pieces of decoration are for sale. They are refurbished and recycled by Quase Café. It is also about organising thematic events and partys, customised by us.


2) How many people work in there?

We are 3 people working normally.

3) What is your typical customer?

It is a good mix of locals and tourists. Quase Café attracts all kinds of customers 🙂

4) What is your favorite hotspot in Lisbon?

Quase Café of course!


Rua do Salvador 14,

1100-465 Lisboa

929 326 800


13220567_1736090539992443_1253978400601011704_o (2)



Friday What’s Up Lisboa #61

Another w’kend ! But ours hasn’t quiet started yet. So exceptionally we only share events from tomorrow onwards ; )  Music is definitely represented ! To shake or to listen or to just enjoy a nice copo de vinho ! Have a nice w’kend !

If you have any other suggestions for us, let us know here !

(Click on the picture to go the event page)


Jà Sinto is more than just another artist. She runs a community-minded project to tease our imagination and explore our deepest «me». If you happened to have passed LX-Factory you must know her from her incredible mural representing a combo of typography and bringing back to life those values that society has lost or has faded out a little. Check out her exhibition this w’kend at the Malapata Art Gallery.

Saturday 15:00h – 20:00h // Malapata Art Gallery, Rua Nova do Almada 9



Hmm… Jazz ! This basement hotspot which you wouldn’t recognize so easily at first sight is a supernice hub to enjoy musicbeats, a few beers and ofcourse now & then some dancingsteps ! Winterweather does invite you shuffle together and absorb this live-event @ BUS Paragem Cultural !

Saturday 21:30h – 23:00h // BUS Paragem, Rua Maria 73



Something completely different and a little more up tempo are the African, Latin/Central American beats & sounds by TropiKaoz. If you won’t get warm on these rythms, nothing will ! Place-to-be: our familiar sweet sounds spot Bartô.

Saturday 22:30h – 01:50h // Bartô, Costa do Castelo


And if you wonder what to do on Sunday? Go to LxFactory @ Alcântara ! The hotspot to explore vintage, second hand, artisinal clothes and wanna-have’s, books (a lot !), good food, fresh smoothies, a rooftopbar, urban art (ofcourse ; ) and just wander… ;  )


Já Sinto © Lx Factory

Ah yes… And don’t forget our open tour on Saturday @ 3pm (15h) @ Praça Luís Camões ! You can register here !

If you join any of these events, let us know with our #lisbonstreetarttours & #whatsuplisboa

A taste of local with: FOODPRINTZ CAFE

Today we meet Lisa who owns the Foodprintz Cafe with her friend Karo. This place combines food, yoga and education so we were really curious to discover more…


Located near Marques Pombal, it is the perfect spot to eat healthy food for breakfast and lunch or just to go chill out during the day. The menu is 100% vegan which is pretty hard to find in Lisbon. Everything is homemade and the atmosphere is great, if you haven’t been there you should run to it!

1) When and how did your project come to life ?

Foodprintz Cafe is a collaboration between Karo and me, Lisa. I am german, she is dutch and we met all the way on the other side of the world in Sydney, Australia. She is a Jivamukti Yoga teacher and vegan chef, I am a psychologist and mindfulness trainer. Our beliefs and interests combined well with each other and from a collaboration grew a beautiful friendship. A bit more than two year ago we both returned to Europe, love is what Karo brought to Lisbon. I visited her once and I fell in love with the city! The people, the vibe, the weather….and so we started dreaming and talking about setting up an actual space where we both could combine all our beliefs, interests and passion. And that space became Foodprintz Cafe: Food, Yoga and Education.

Granola jar and toasts images by Fred Madeira                                 Cookie image by Luis Luz

2) What is the Foodprintz café about ?

We are about many things, but mainly anything conscious! In our cafe we serve fresh, organic food from a monthly changing menu. We have a big breakfast menu, well selected lunch menu and fresh juices, teas, coffees and lattes. Everything on our menu is vegan. We care a big deal about local businesses so we try to work exclusively with Portuguese producers and companies!


Apart from eating people can also join us for Jivamukti Yoga classes during the evening and meditation on sunday mornings. Or fancy booking a massage? 🙂

Our last pilar is education and while Karo and I also host a few workshop throughout the year together, we also have a lot of beautiful people with amazing projects organising their own workshops in our space. This year 2018 we will have at least 2 workshops every month and they range from vegan cheese workshops, macrobiotic cooking workshop, DIY facial cream workshops and many more.

Weather you join us for eating, yoga or a workshop you can be absolutely sure that we will be there and welcome you with a smile and a chat.

3) How many people work in there?

At the moment we are a team of seven people. Lisa the general Manager, Karo is head of the kitchen, Celia and Anabela are our kitchen hands, Livia and Pedro are in service and Manuela is giving us a hand with dishes. Karo is also teaching Yoga and Lisa is teaching meditation.


Image by Fred Madeira

4) What is your typical customer?

I don’t think we have a “typical” customer. Gladly, the kind healthy, vegan food is becoming more and more popular with many different people. We have customers in heels and suits, working in the area, in sweat pants and sneakers, living in the area and tourists from all over the world. We meet very different people every day but they all have one thing in common: they are looking for real and healthy food and an atmosphere where they can feel at home.


5) What are your favourite hotspots in Lisbon?

It is hard to choose my favorite spot honestly, Lisbon is very diverse and that is what I love about it so much. For walks with my dog I love to go to Jardim de Torel. On a sunny morning I love a coffee at miradouro Senhora do Monte. On a day off I like to take a walk to LX factory and have lunch at The Therapist. For a delicious vegan dinner I go to Ao26 The Vegan Food Project and for beach walks I like to get out of the city a bit and spend an afternoon in Sesimbra or Serra de Arrabida, where my boyfriend is from.

Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca 82a
1250-193 Lisboa
Ph: +351 215 817 577
INSTAGRAM: foodprintzcafe
“If you pursue great footsteps, you leave great footprints” ― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

A taste of local with: THE BAR

What a better name for a bar than “THE BAR” meaning “THE place to be”. Well today I will introduce you to our partner, Teresa Ruiz who owns this place.

With its laid back environment and chill vibes, people gather in this bar of Principe Real to enjoy a fresh beer or a great cocktail (Margaritas are a MUST try). Opened in April 2017, it is already a must-do in Lisbon. The owner will make sure you are having a good time and you will want to come back all the time!


We asked Teresa a few questions about her space and life in Lisbon:

What is THE BAR about?

I wanted people to be comfortable, to have a casual place, somewhere for people to hang out and drink great drinks in a relaxed cool setting. I also wanted to bring together two things I really love: neon and street art. Portugal has some amazing street artists and I wanted to use the bar to showcase that, I was also lucky enough to come in contact with one of the oldest Lisbon based neon crafts men, to handcraft the neon sign for the bar.

What is your typical customer?
It’s a good mix of locals and tourist, which is great. Everybody can feel comfortable at The Bar.
What are your personal hot spots of Lisbon?
I am a HUGE beach lover. Here are my favorites:
– São Pedro do Estoril
– São Joao do Estoril
– All Caparica Coast (Meco is my favorite)
– Guincho
As an Art fan, here are the places where I like to hangout:
– CCB: Centro Cultural de Belém
– Underdogs Gallery
– Gulbenkian Museum
My go-to places for eating in Lisbon:
– Taberna das Flores (Portuguese restaurant)
– Chutnify (Indian restaurant)
– Ramiro (Fish restaurant)
And my favorite nightlife places:
– The Lounge: Great night bar in Cais de Sodré.
– Incognito: Hidden club in São Bento.
– A Capela: Cosy bar in Bairro Alto with great music.
Go check it out for yourself:
Tv. Monte do Carmo 1,
1200-420 Lisboa




Italian vibes coming our way. Because female painter, illustrator and street artist NIAN has conquered the streets and the hearts of many amongst us. And also in Lisbon ; )

NIAN III @debby_ssymah

© Nian

She studied at​ ​the​ ​Academy​ ​of​ ​Fine​ ​Arts​ ​in​ ​Florence​, working nowadays ​on​ ​several​ projects, paintings, illustrations,​ ​mural​ ​paintings, and​ ​paste​ ​ups.


© Nian



Her​ ​work​ ​dreams​ ​about​ ​a​ ​future​ ​in​ ​balance​ ​with​ ​nature​ ​and​ ​its​ ​rhythms, leaving us different polyhedral pieces as well as romantic mythical characters. Her​ ​purpose​ ​in​ ​the​ ​streets​ ​is​ ​the​ ​expression​ ​of​ ​the​ ​primitive​ ​joy​ ​of​ ​playing​ ​that​ ​finds​ ​its​ ​meaning «only​ ​if​ ​its​ ​shared».


© Nian


Got interested to follow up on her adventures:


If you got any piece captured of hers in Lisbon or beyond, share it with us using our #lisbonstreetarttours  ; )


© Nian



Not so long ago we had the pleasure to meet up with a jazzmusician in heart and soul all the way from Belgium. Besides his musical vibes, he thought it was time for something new… Although from a very young age he got acquainted with the art of (oil)painting, it is only the last 4years that sprayart became another kind of way to present his animalistic view on the world.

cee pil 7

The interruptions in his creations aim to create a perfect fit for the piece to be perceived. Although it is he who learned all the tricks of the trade by himself and also inspired by the big artists accidentally surrounding him, like another great Belgian street artist called ROA.

cee pil 3


cee pil 4

Spending time in Ghent as well as Berlin, maybe Lisbon might become his next destination to experiment even more. He arrived here together with the organizing crew of the Wallin’ collective, a Belgian organization aimed at highlighting the artistic value of arts in the streets, maybe it be pure graffiti or pure street art. But also to create an exchange of talent beyond boarders. Which resulted – in the case of CEE PIL – some wonderful big pieces in Loures, Montepio as well as one near the airport.


All pics by © https://www.facebook.com/cee.pil

If you got any picture collected from his pieces around the world, share it with us using our #lisbonstreetarttours  ; )



This week we will introduce you to an ancient tradition from Portugal with influences from all over the world wrapped up into a new package!


In 2015, Joana came up with a project during her master degree of Arts & Design in Public Space. This project got the name «Preencher Vazios» (filling up the empty spaces).

It started as a project to create more awareness about those façades of houses in cities like Porto and Lisbon. Mainly the empty spaces left behind due to an increasing loss of those azulejos, the typical ceramic tiles. The preservation of those tiles, of which some are already more than a 100y old is one of the pillars that have launched this project.

But this artistic intervention also aims to draw attention to the smaller details surrounding us all in our everyday lives. And to amaze the people passing by with something new and something different from their usual routes. Not only the patterns and the colours – that resemble the existing tiles – but also the small fragments of Portuguese poetry aim to awaken our senses.


Besides the whole historical aspect as well as the dynamics that further evolve the use of materials and tradition, Preencher vazios organizes workshops to do-it-yourself and stimulate an azulejo-movement! Check out her online media to follow up on the next intervention !


Thank you Joana for your words to introduce us into your tiles-world as well as in creating possibilities to design our own tiles and support this old tradition !! For anyone interested in supporting this project as well as in creating or buying any gadget (from totebags to little booklets to personalized azulejos…) you can contact her directly:


Got interested to check out more:


If you got any picture collected from her pieces, share it with us using our #lisbonstreetarttours  ; )

© pics by Joana Abreu (Preencher Vazios)




Blu strikes again!!!

21640964_287198585097738_7074481896948530974_o (1).jpg


This is the last wall made by the great Italian artist we want to present you today; this work is part of a tree-days-meeting of street artists involved in the NO TAV protest.

Blu came from Senigallia, and travels all around to spread his political messages, like…


Schermata 2017-09-26 alle 18.39.21.png


environmental safeguard,


Schermata 2017-09-26 alle 18.20.11.png




Schermata 2017-09-26 alle 18.19.54




Schermata 2017-09-26 alle 18.21.26.png


and critical thought.

In 2010 he passed by Lisbon: take a look to what he did to this BIG abandoned building along with Os Gemeos: https://www.youtube.com/watchmakingofinlisbon!


For more of his work and pieces, check his website: http://www.blublu.org/





Do you remember the nice pics we shared this morning? They represent a new series of interventions by a great Portuguese artist/activist who just came back to Lisbon: Tinta Crua.


Known for the use of stencils and wheatpastes on recycled giftpaper with paint; he’s a romantic rebel who evokes that “expression and activism can truly be catalysts for change”.


His artistic pieces have a very particular style, simple in lines and colours but strong in message!


Art can do something to change the world?! Yes, Tinta Crua trusts in it!


And you?

Follow his page, spread his message and keep updated on his new interventions in Lisbon !!




A great Brazilian artist is in Portugal: L7matrix!



Here you can see the wall in Calçada da Gloria he painted together with Skran:


He’s from Saõ Paolo, he was only 13 when he first met spray paints, and after that moment he never stopped painting. Nowadays he’s an independent artist working both in the streets and in galleries.

Schermata 2017-08-23 alle 10.54.26.png

“Everything generates the chaos, from the mixture of outlooks and feelings to the materials and medias utilized.”

Schermata 2017-08-23 alle 10.51.56.png

Through experimentation he created a unique style that combines geometrical elements and very stylized color puzzles with realism attained by elaborated details.

It is exactly that combination of color simplicity and free geometry that awakens certain contradictions and even uncomfortable feelings in the viewers.

Follow him: