WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME ! Portuguese illustrator and street artist Vitor Julião aka Vitó has a particular way of presenting innocent playful though-with-a-sense-of-absurdity-and-wickedness characters that speak to the imagination of each and everyone through its peculiar statements. Having the opportunity to participate different street art fests (Loures Arte Pública / Caldas Meeting Jam / Muro … Continue reading VITÓ JULIÃO



WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME ! Yes ! Finally it is his turn ! Because we oh so adore these elephants in the streets of every city in every country in every corner of the world... and hopefully one day we can invite him to our city to immerse us with his vivid, larger-than-life characters and … Continue reading FALKO ONE


WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME! Today we're gonna talk about a great artist who's painting these days in Lisbon, just in front of the station of Cais do Sodre: Styler. Here you have his marvellous self portrait! He was born in France, but he grew up in Portugal.  He started painting in 2004, but he already … Continue reading STYLER