Summertime throwback: encounter with Grupo OPNI

The good weather is going away, school started more than one month ago, and we feel that you already need vacation… We thus want to bring some sunshine introducing to you the Grupo OPNI and Muleca XIII who both participated to our last-minute paintjam, Samb’Art, in July, at Calçada da Gloria. We were thrilled about … Continue reading Summertime throwback: encounter with Grupo OPNI


Jhon Douglas

WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME! He comes from Brazil but is living in Lisbon. He already made a wall in Calçada da Gloria and is going to participate to the coming MURO Lx_ 2017 festival. Coming from the Amazonian rain forest in Brazil, he adventures himself throughout painting, street art and music, along with any other media that … Continue reading Jhon Douglas


WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME! Because he is back in Lisbon we introduce you (again) to GoddoG aka Damien Mauro. This french artist from Avignon started with graffiti and is now focusing on colorful geometrical and organics shapes, inspiring himself from his travels and experiences. We hope to see his work in the streets of Lisbon!


WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME special edition. Today we will introduce you not to one but 3 artists, that will participate to the paint session next wednesday. Nowadays based in Lisbon but originally from the metropolitan London, P A N G does not limit herself to studiowork, but loves to explore the (abandoned) walls of cities … Continue reading P A N G