Wednesday wall of fame!   Today we will talk about a German artist from Hamburg, Tona. He is the specialist of kids paste up spread around the world and there are many of them in the streets of Lisbon. He is involved in the street art scene since 99 (graffiti) and started stencils in 2002, … Continue reading Tona



WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME! Let's talk about another brazilian artist, who recently painted in Lisboa: Eduardo Kobra. He started painting in São Paolo's suburbs and ten days ago he stayed in Lisboa's suburban neighborhood of Marvila for the MuroFestival.  nowadays worldwide known as one of the best paulista avanguardists, his colorful painting bring him to … Continue reading EDUARDO KOBRA


WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME! Today we introduce you to Feoflip from the Canary Islands. Beforehand a skaterboy always carrying around a spraycan in his backpack. From 2001 onwards the night and the clandestine interventions become the modus operandi for his alter ego. Embedded in a style influenced by science fiction, comics and "surrealismo", each piece … Continue reading Feoflip