Wednesday wall of fame!


Today we will talk about a German artist from Hamburg, Tona. He is the specialist of kids paste up spread around the world and there are many of them in the streets of Lisbon. He is involved in the street art scene since 99 (graffiti) and started stencils in 2002, silkscreen and linocut in 2008.


In a world that often seems to be unfair, mean and brutal and people are blinkered, TONA wants to confront us to this distorted perception with a dreamy, sensual and emotional perspective. Inspired by the children he crossed during his travels, he creates colorful paste ups. 21741258_1629621400434218_6636945272072444428_o

“Unlike elsewhere in the street art world, which probably works more with criticism and irony, the motive of the artist is to deconstruct the viewers „ordinary“ perceptions and to give them inner peace, joy and a smile. By means of this, mostly temporary art in public space, we, as the viewer, if we allow it, feel a transformation of the world around us and our own consciousness.”


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Let’s talk about another brazilian artist, who recently painted in Lisboa: Eduardo Kobra. He started painting in São Paolo’s suburbs and ten days ago he stayed in Lisboa’s suburban neighborhood of Marvila for the MuroFestival. kobralivemarvila

nowadays worldwide known as one of the best paulista avanguardists, his colorful painting bring him to the top of guinnes of records in 2016 for a wall dedicated to indigenous people.

His works range from political issues to music, passing by anamorphosis. If you want to know something more about him, click here ( interviewinstudio ) and listen to his voice! 😉


For other info this is his website:



Because it was his birthday and because he made an amazing wall at Calçada da Gloria for the 25th April, today we talk about Dalaiama a Portuguese artist.

Have you seen his little pacman-lookalike already? He is absorbing euros and dollars and all kind of capitalistic elements that make this world a grey space. But then again he also spreads these peacebirds against guns, against wars, against violence. and now he made a big mural at calçada da gloria for dia da Liberdade ! Check it out !


his website

his facebook



Today we introduce you to Feoflip from the Canary Islands.


Beforehand a skaterboy always carrying around a spraycan in his backpack. From 2001 onwards the night and the clandestine interventions become the modus operandi for his alter ego. Embedded in a style influenced by science fiction, comics and “surrealismo”, each piece builds on itself and becomes a bottled message which will stop in whose imagination drifts have time to stop and contemplate.

In August 2015 he passed Lisbon, along with Dasoda (and left some wonderful pieces behind. From graffitispray to paste-up to …  he creates allegories, featuring emotions and nonsense that reflect a dehumanized society because of technological change, a kind of social criticism.
Feoflip says his, “creatures still mutate and carry a strong message that is only visible for those who attempt to understand the piece”. As former part of the Basura Visual Collective (means: visual trash) he became more and more aware of his surroundings and recycle art is one way to explore art in public space.