Our tour options


We have different types of tours and the good news is that there is one suitable for you! Part of the money earned from the tours is directly reinvested in the YESYOUCAN.SPRAY project.

If you are more than 15 people, want a shorter tour or any other personalized request please do not hesitate to contact us HERE ! We will try to adapt our tour for you ; )

1- You are by yourself or with 1 or 2 friends and want to meet other people in Lisbon?

Our OPEN TOUR was made for you!
This tour is always the MISHMASH road (check down this page).

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*please take into consideration this is how we make a living

Eventbrite - Lisbon street art tours (open tour)

Wednesday 10:30am / Saturday 3:00pm

SUMMER SCHEDULE (June » September)
Wednesday 10:30am / Sunday 10:30am

Please note our open tour runs also during the rain, storm and snow. If you are not brave enough to handle it please let us know at least one hour before the tour!


2- You want a more private experience and discover the urban art-scene of Lisbon on another day and/or with only your friends or in a smaller group? (from 1 to 15 people)

Our PRIVATE or SEMI-PRIVATE TOUR* was made for you!

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*with other few people


* day to be chosen between the participants and guide
** leave your mark in the city with a tag or sticker
*** typical cherry liquor shot

⇒ For the Private and Private II tours, please choose your road from the 3 options below.

Click HERE so we can arrange it!


3- You want the full package and become a one-day-street-artist?

Our PRIVATE VIP TOUR is what you need!


With this tour you will not only leave with great memories but also with a surprise street-artist-goodie bag especially prepared for you by our team. Create your own tag and leave it on the legal walls of Lisbon.

PS. This tour can be a great gift for your family, lover, best friend or colleague crazy about street art.


* day to be chosen between the participants and guide
** leave your mark in the city becoming a street artist for one day
*** typical cherry liquor shot

⇒ For the Private VIP tour, please choose your road from the 3 options below.

Click HERE so we can arrange it!


For the private tours, please choose your road from our 3 options:

mishmashtour alfamatour alcantaratour
The MishMash-tour is a creative exploration in the city centre of Lisbon with a starting point at square Luís de Camões, moving through different historical neighbourhoods, we will introduce you to legal and illegal pieces all around. The Authentic Alfama-tour goes from Martim Moniz towards one of the highest viewpoint of Lisbon, down the oldest neighborhood of Lisbon. Get lost with what is written on the walls of the small nostalgic streets. The Alternative Alcântara-tour will explore one of the hotspot neighbourhoods of Lisbon. What was once a greyish industrial area became the perfect melting pot of creative street artist’s minds of all kind.

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