Underdogs Art storeCreated in 2010 and consolidated in its present form since 2013, the Underdogs project rests on three complementary areas: an art gallery; a public art programme; and the production of original and affordable artist editions.



Buena Mandarina was “born” as a way to share a passion for food, first bringing Argentinian recipes and then growing as a mix of workshops, crazzy caterings, wedding cakes, etc… It’s the result of curious and interesting people’s proposals mixed with a need to reinvent constantly and keep having fun in the kitchen.


Lisbonne à Pied is a collective of French guides that want to make you discover the real Lisbon. They offer private walking tours in the citycenter showing the history but also the modern lifestyle and what is Lisbon now a days.


The brand Bamstraw was born for raising awareness about the consumption of disposable plastic while using 100% discarded natural materials fairy produced by villagers in Indonesia. 

Our mission is to our place in the world a but more sustainable starting by changing our old unconscious habit. Bamboo is a fascinating natural material: it grows fast, it is very strong and it has natural antibacterial properties. As you use bamstraw™ you are contributing to a more sustainable, healthier and less harmful future.



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