We come from different countries and cultural backgrounds but we are all linked to the street art world! We also love Lisbon and that’s why we are here 🙂

One way or another we are all part of the YESYOUCAN.SPRAY collective and we work together closely with street artists in many different ways. Not only by our research but also by continuously highlighting the beauty and message of what is written on the walls… 


Véro (CEO – Guide English and Nederlands)
Exploring this weird and wonderful world through what is written on the walls – her lifephilosophy is all about engaging an interACTive, intercultural and interARTive dialogue. After discovering several countries around the world, this Belgian beerlover decided to settle in one of the most colourful and exciting cities of Europe.

With a background in socio-cultural work and relation- and communication-sciences, setting up and organizing workshops and events for a broad audience, she is currently finalizing her writing in visual anthropology inspired by creative interventions in-the-streets.

ana-garisoAna (Guide English & Português)
Ana is Portuguese and was still a child when she fell in love with Lisbon. She came here in the 90’s and proudly watched the city transform into one of the most amazing places to live for so many people from all over the world!  She teaches Portuguese as a Foreign Language (click).

In love with literature, music and visual arts, her studies in Cultural Programming led her to grafitti and street art which are now one of her favorite research themes.


Agathe (Guide Français and English)
She ( @agathemaillolphoto ) has moved from Marseille to Lisbon 3 years ago. After finishing her architecture degree, she has been spending time caring about her passion for analog photography, and settling and making her way in beautiful Lisbon ! She will be your french/english guide through Lisbon’s magic walls.


Rui (Guide Français, English, Português)

20180520_131826.jpgHe’s Portuguese and in Lisbon for 20 years now, spent some time in the USA and in the french part of Switzerland. Wanted to be an artist since his mother taught him to paint with crayons at the age of 3, but at 18 moved on to a completely different medium, documentary. With an interest on all plastic arts and the history of art, he loves theatre, performance and cinema. Street Art is a more recent discovery for him in which he sees a way to connect and reflect the people who inhabit a city.

image1  Marina (Guide Français & English)

Half-French and half-Portuguese, Marina fell in love with Lisbon in 2014 but it took her four years to leave Paris and move in to discover the Lisboete culture from the inside. She went from beeing a French teacher to an English teacher for seven years, always making sure that one part of curriculum was devoted to street art and music. Very involved into the transmission and understanding of art happening in the street, she is also fascinated by the street in itself, – as a space for exchanges and sharing.  That is why shedeveloped her skills in streetphotography and has been carrying her lens since one year chasing souls and capturing moments. (@lua_eyes : instagram)

Ninon (Guide Français & English)

IMG-20181002-WA0006She is from Bordeaux (France) but also feels Portuguese. Indeed, she lived in Porto, in Coimbra and recently arrived in Lisbon. Fascinated by the beauty of this city and interested by the world of street art, she joined our team to share with you her curiosity and make you discover Lisbon through a new perspective. She is studying gender sociology and political science.


img-20181122-wa0005.jpg  Simon (guestwriter MUSEUM QUEST)

Simon Scharf, a dedicated explorer, always looking to discover something new and grow himself along the way. Entrepreneurship, growth marketing and communication are just a few areas he is exploring in his professional life at the moment. He loves travelling, nature, meeting new people and sports! Check out what he is up to during his LXEXPLORATION ( @francoisduvent: instagram )


Come follow us in the beautiful streets of Lisbon!

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