Lisbon city guide

You want to try out some great food? Listen to some amazing musicbeats? Enjoy some nice sleepovers in Lisbon?

Here we like to offer you a map with different bars, restaurants and hot spots where you can find more small and big creative splashes on the walls and beyond in the beautiful city of Lisbon, “the city with the most hours of sun of whole Europe. A city full of art n beautifulllllll sightseeings, but also of delightful restaurants n little cosy bars near n around superb squares… ” (Huffingtonpost). Check it out !

We created this cityguide with places to discover in Lisbon. It’ regularly updated and for our Lisbon vip experience client there is special discounts (always mentioned in the description of the place).

Just click on each symbol on the map to discover them. 😉

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what to visit our local partner where to sleep more to explore our meeting points
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Where to eat and/or have a drink?

Portuguese cuisine is very generous, portions are big! 🙂 In all the typical restaurant (named generally “tasca de…”) you will find fresh fried or grilled fish (depending on the fishing of the day) and different types of meat like the traditional “bitoque” (steak with an egg on top served with french fries and rice). Usually prices are around 7 euros for a main dish. You can try the “vinha da casa” which is in general quite good for the cheap price you pay. Don’t go to the places where the waiters are waiting for you at the entrance, prefer the ones where Portuguese people go for lunch/dinner.

Where to sleep ?

There is a wide offer of establishments in Lisbon regarding accommodation. You will find a solution for all type of budgets and you have to know that Portugal in general is famous for the quality of hospitality and accommodation !

What to visit and discover ?

One of the amazing things of Lisbon is that you can just walk around randomly in the streets and you will already discover great small and big festivities, arts, happenings… . We recommend especially the neighborhoods of Mouraria, Graça and Principe Real. If you stay more than 2/3 days you can start to explore further and follow some of our recommendations.