Lisbon is becoming THE place to be in Europe. It is time for you to discover it for what it has to offer. Want to try some great Portuguese food? Listen to some amazing music? Find the perfect place to stay? This map was made for you.

You will find different bars, restaurants and hot spots with sometimes creative splashes on the walls of the beautiful city of Lisbon. Check it out!

This cityguide is made for you to discover Lisbon through a whole new perspective. It is regularly updated and for our Lisbon VIP experience client there are always special discounts (mentioned in the description of the place).

Click on each symbol on the map and discover them!

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what to visit our local partner where to sleep more to explore our meeting points
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where to paint galeries & ateliers our VIP partners
Want to dive into the Portuguese language?

Our guide Ana is also a Portuguese teacher. Having a degree in Portuguese Linguistics and a certification to teach Portuguese as a Foreign Language. She has been teaching for the past 5 years, both private and group classes, from A1 to C2 levels. If you want to know more about her classes? Just send her an e-mail or call her…

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