Wednesday wall of fame! Remember we talked about it on our FB page a few days ago, here is the answer about who is Kamlaurene 🙂 They are a couple of artist from Paris that started painting in 2012 and began to past in the streets in 2014. Since the beginning and as always, all their … Continue reading KamLaurene



Wednesday wall of fame! Today we introduce you to a Portuguese duo 2upla, created in 2016 by the artists @brunogiao and @lucianosilvantes. Two artists from Lisbon, born in 1992 who met in primary school and from the beginning stayed good friends. Their first contact with graffiti happened by the age of ten, exploring abandoned buildings and … Continue reading 2UPLA


WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME ! Not so long ago we had the pleasure to meet up with a jazzmusician in heart and soul all the way from Belgium. Besides his musical vibes, he thought it was time for something new... Although from a very young age he got acquainted with the art of (oil)painting, it … Continue reading CEE PIL


WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME ! This week we will introduce you to an ancient tradition from Portugal with influences from all over the world wrapped up into a new package! In 2015, Joana came up with a project during her master degree of Arts & Design in Public Space. This project got the name «Preencher … Continue reading PREENCHER VAZIOS


WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME! Blu strikes again!!!   This is the last wall made by the great Italian artist we want to present you today; this work is part of a tree-days-meeting of street artists involved in the NO TAV protest. Blu came from Senigallia, and travels all around to spread his political messages, like... … Continue reading BLU


WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME! This Wednesday we have a special wall of fame: are you ready to know who's gonna paint on Friday's Back to School paintsession?? Check it!   CÄäT, illustrator from Bruxelles to Lisbon.     Giulia Cavallo, italian anthropologist moved to canvas.     Soaz, young talent from Belgium.     Zarb, … Continue reading “BACK TO SCHOOL” ARTISTS!


WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME! Today we're gonna present one of the most known artists within Porto - though he passed a few days in Lisbon - he has been working along different artists in a multi-functional atelier called Becuh: Godmess.   Godmess is a multidisciplinary artist devoted to lots of different ways of expression: illustration, … Continue reading GODMESS