WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME! This Wednesday we wanna present to you a great artivist: Jaqueline De Montaigne.   There are lots of reasons to keep her in your mind: she is a notable multidisciplinary artist and human rights activist, working all around the world. Born in Lisbon, she was raised in Saudi Arabia, Scotland and … Continue reading JAQUELINE DE MONTAIGNE


WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME! Good Wednesday with an amazing artist, who was in Lisbon in last month, for the Urbancreativity Conference: Rezine 69. If you look around the city,  you'll find some of his works! From Lyon (France), he is a multi-disciplinary artist recognized for his exhibitions for contemporary art museums and galleries; his painted … Continue reading REZINE 69 KS


WEDNESDAY SPECIAL PAINTSESSION WALL OF FAME! The day of the yesyoucanspray paintsession is coming: today's wall of fame is going to remind you which are the artists involved! Let's start from our main painters, all Brazilian guys: CESAH - Paolo Albuquerque - with his surreal touch.   MARCIO Bahia, and his joyful colours.   Jhon Douglas, … Continue reading SAMB’ARTISTS


WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME! Today we are going to present a french artist who has been part of the artistic scene since a long time: Tían. He's an urban artist who lives and work in Le Mans; he travelled around Europe to spread his particular works,  mixing different techniques: acrylic, serigraphy, collage, spray, markers and … Continue reading TIAN


WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME! During the last days something new appeared on Lisbon's walls: Exit Enter is in town! So we'll tell you something about this gorgeous Italian artist: he's from Florence; after an academic path he moved to walls, inspired by other street-mates like Blu and Guerrilla spam, so he started spreading his little … Continue reading EXIT ENTER