WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME ! This week's focus is Portuguese loaded. A multidisciplinary artist who keeps on reinventing himself mainly in the streets. Introduced to graffiti and finding his way to sensitize each and everyone of us a little more into different topics that aim to waken up our minds ! Check out what triggered … Continue reading EDIS ONE



WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME ! You might have seen already some of their colourful alarm clocks pop up through our city. Last summer we even had the pleasure to host their very first mural in this lovely city (still standing strong) with our collective yesyouCAN.SPRAY. So it was about time to find out and share … Continue reading WÈKUP STREETRIDER


WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME ! Portuguese illustrator and street artist Vitor Julião aka Vitó has a particular way of presenting innocent playful though-with-a-sense-of-absurdity-and-wickedness characters that speak to the imagination of each and everyone through its peculiar statements. Having the opportunity to participate different street art fests (Loures Arte Pública / Caldas Meeting Jam / Muro … Continue reading VITÓ JULIÃO