WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME ! Young, driven... and ready to take over the world ! Last summer this sympatique French artist came to Lisbon with a mission: mark the city with a superb mixture of calligraphy, street art and the well-known cartoon character Snoopy. Driven by the life-philosophy of this little dog, he immerses himself … Continue reading DARK aka DARKSNOOOPY



WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME ! Belgian vibes that pass through Lisbon... it happens more and more and we couldn't be more pleased - if it wasn't only to distract us from Portuguese beers ; ) But back to their business on the walls... Joni aka Plur joined one of our paintjams with our collective yesyoucan.spray last … Continue reading PLUR

Kruella d’Enfer’s “Existence Without Form”

Kruella d'Enfer’s first solo Lisbon show in years, “Existence Without Form,” opened on Thursday and runs through Sunday, May 7th at Artroom in Príncipe Real. In her show, the Portuguese artist’s original textile pieces are paired with texts by João Almeida Santos and a soundtrack by Alberto Vierira. Although d’Enfer primarily works as a painter … Continue reading Kruella d’Enfer’s “Existence Without Form”