What’s Up Lisboa #92

Hey You ! Yes... you ! Do you have any idea what is happening right now in this city of the supposedly only seven hills? If so... we wish you a great time ! If so so... we have some wonderful suggestions ! If not at all... you can just follow our flow and surrender … Continue reading What’s Up Lisboa #92



WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME ! This week's focus is Portuguese loaded. A multidisciplinary artist who keeps on reinventing himself mainly in the streets. Introduced to graffiti and finding his way to sensitize each and everyone of us a little more into different topics that aim to waken up our minds ! Check out what triggered … Continue reading EDIS ONE

MUSEUM QUEST | Museum of Theatre – Randomly mediocre

Far away from the tourist tracks, set in a beautiful park, quiet and lovely, I found the National Museum of Theatre and Dance. Some funny sculptures welcomed be outside. I couldn't place the anywhere but that didn't matter. My mood mood was great and I was eager to go inside and discover the museum. But … Continue reading MUSEUM QUEST | Museum of Theatre – Randomly mediocre

MUSEUM QUEST |Sao Vicent de Fora – A new perspective

The Monastery Sao Vicente de Fora in Graca was yet another place that exceeded my expectations by far! Instead of an overload of religious information I got to see Lisbon from a different view. The actually stunning part of this place was the building itself. It's architecture and the view from the roof, of course! … Continue reading MUSEUM QUEST |Sao Vicent de Fora – A new perspective