WEDNESDAY WALL OF FAME ! For those that believe that street art is no more than just some paint or spray on the walls... this artist shows us otherwise. Mini or maxi, green or silver, smiley or angry, covering the Portuguese flag or just a simple plain one, high up on the wall or on … Continue reading GREGOS


A taste of local with: SAMA SAMA

A happy green place to explore in the heart of Lisbon, with this crêpe and juice bar. Yes, you read it well... crêpes and Portugal may fit very well together. Or actually crêpes, Ireland and Portugal may match perfectly, since Portuguese Sofia and Irish Malte launched this refreshing SAMA SAMA concept. One to lick your … Continue reading A taste of local with: SAMA SAMA

STREET ART FACTS | Leiria street art

STREET ART FACTS | STREET ART IN CENTRAL PORTUGAL There’s an old saying in Portugal that translates like ‘Portugal is Lisbon and rest is only landscape’. This was a harsh critic on the centralization of opportunities, information and infrastructures that we used to suffer from. But luckily times have changed and some smaller cities are … Continue reading STREET ART FACTS | Leiria street art

MUSEUM QUEST | The Coach Museum – Part 2

After talking about the highlights of the collection and the controverse building of the National Coach Museum in Part 1 - A Clash of Styles it is time to explore Portuguese history. Assassinations and revolutions, earthquakes and royal weddings. This museum doesn't just have incredible carriages to show, but some amazing stories to tell. Oh, and did I … Continue reading MUSEUM QUEST | The Coach Museum – Part 2