M. CHAT aka Monsieur Chat aka Thoma Vuille


Did you ever bump into a yellow cat in the streets? He has travelled all over the world ! Even faced some prison-time. But no matter the reaction of authorities, he keeps on grabbing our attention while sharing with each and everyone an uncomplicated smile. And since he is celebrating twenty years of anniversary unapologetically in the streets, it is must we highlight him in our special wall of fame !



The French-Suisse artist and his yellow pet became a pleasure for the eyes of many conquering his birthplace Orléans from 1997 and slowly moving between places. His intention mainly focussed on breaking the greyish walls of the city, interrupting the gaze of people passing by and definitely engage a smiley moment with many.

Chris Marker even made a movie/docu (2004) about the political and international changes happening all under the regarding eye of the yellow cat; Chats Perchés.

wall chat IX

© posca-life-custom.com

If you happen to be in Paris, then do pass by the Galerie Brugier-Rigail to celebrate along with M. Chat his 20years of smiley kittins !

Got interested to check out more:

If you want to check out more about his trial (French): http://www.huffingtonpost.fr/2016/09/23/monsieur-chat_n_12152788.html (headpic)

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A taste of local with: QUASE CAFE

Have you heard of the Quase Café? Well if not it is time to check it up! Opened in May 2016, you will feel just like at home in this Café located in the oldest neighborhoods in town: Alfama.
The concept is really nice and new as you can buy all the elements of their place. You like the chair you are sitting in? The cup of tea you are drinking with? Well just take it back home! Also it makes you want to come back all the time as it makes the decoration often changing!
Catarina & Joana were nice enough to answer a few questions about their cool Café:

1) What is the Quase café about ?

It is about delivering fresh food (brunch , lunch and tapas), all homemade in a confortable and unique place and environment, where you can feel much as being at home. All the furniture and all  pieces of decoration are for sale. They are refurbished and recycled by Quase Café. It is also about organising thematic events and partys, customised by us.


2) How many people work in there?

We are 3 people working normally.

3) What is your typical customer?

It is a good mix of locals and tourists. Quase Café attracts all kinds of customers 🙂

4) What is your favorite hotspot in Lisbon?

Quase Café of course!


Rua do Salvador 14,

1100-465 Lisboa

929 326 800


13220567_1736090539992443_1253978400601011704_o (2)


Friday what’s up Lisboa #62

Olápolola… The w’kend is arriving. For us, it includes music, street art, a winterish exhibition and  bit of shopping ! So if you are curious where to head to… we made a little overview:

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  • OPEN STUDIO / Artistas em residência

Would you like to be an artist-assistant-for-a-day? If so, then pass by the Wozen gallery this w’kend. A few remarkable artists-in-winter-residence will present their works-in-process to explore along with their visitors the opportunities of exposing their art.

Saturday 14:00h – 20:00h / Wozen, Rua das Janelas Verdes 128

whatsup 62


If you haven’t visit their hotspot yet, this is your chance. Anjos70 is organizing another fleamarket where you can find a wide range of handmade, recycled, vintage, artsy curiosities. Do not miss out !

Saturday & Sunday 11:00h – 19:00h // Anjos70, Regueirão Dos Anjos 70

whatsup 62 II


You like records? You like listening to records? You like sharing records? Or you like getting some fresh ones on your recordplayer? A bar which seems a little out the city centre but still close enough amidst a new alternative hotspot of Lisbon. A perfect touch for a late sundayafternoon.

Sunday 17:00h – 22:00h / Bar Capitão Letão, Rua Capitão Leitão 5b

whatsup 62 I

And don’t forget our open tour on Saturday @ 15:00h @ Praça Luís Camões !

You can register here !

If you have any other suggestions for us, let us know here !

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Have a nice w’kend !


Friday What’s Up Lisboa #61

Another w’kend ! But ours hasn’t quiet started yet. So exceptionally we only share events from tomorrow onwards ; )  Music is definitely represented ! To shake or to listen or to just enjoy a nice copo de vinho ! Have a nice w’kend !

If you have any other suggestions for us, let us know here !

(Click on the picture to go the event page)


Jà Sinto is more than just another artist. She runs a community-minded project to tease our imagination and explore our deepest «me». If you happened to have passed LX-Factory you must know her from her incredible mural representing a combo of typography and bringing back to life those values that society has lost or has faded out a little. Check out her exhibition this w’kend at the Malapata Art Gallery.

Saturday 15:00h – 20:00h // Malapata Art Gallery, Rua Nova do Almada 9



Hmm… Jazz ! This basement hotspot which you wouldn’t recognize so easily at first sight is a supernice hub to enjoy musicbeats, a few beers and ofcourse now & then some dancingsteps ! Winterweather does invite you shuffle together and absorb this live-event @ BUS Paragem Cultural !

Saturday 21:30h – 23:00h // BUS Paragem, Rua Maria 73



Something completely different and a little more up tempo are the African, Latin/Central American beats & sounds by TropiKaoz. If you won’t get warm on these rythms, nothing will ! Place-to-be: our familiar sweet sounds spot Bartô.

Saturday 22:30h – 01:50h // Bartô, Costa do Castelo


And if you wonder what to do on Sunday? Go to LxFactory @ Alcântara ! The hotspot to explore vintage, second hand, artisinal clothes and wanna-have’s, books (a lot !), good food, fresh smoothies, a rooftopbar, urban art (ofcourse ; ) and just wander… ;  )


Já Sinto © Lx Factory

Ah yes… And don’t forget our open tour on Saturday @ 3pm (15h) @ Praça Luís Camões ! You can register here !

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Let’s not talk about clitorides for now but about real testosteron. This guy has definitely build up his load since he started painting from a very young age. Inspired by magazines and newspapers absorbing all the fancy letters he could. Mainly to start copy paste them and slowly but determined finding his own way to represent himself in the streets.


Work hard Play hard (Miami) © Mr. Dheo

Already at an early age he aimed at practising his letters, bringing them to the walls of the city. Developping his own style that turned into an incredible photorealistic touch of portraits and insane geometrical shapes and compositions. The expressive faces, the bizar close-ups, and the magnificent fading and shading makes you want to stare at his murals for hours (or at least a gooooooood amount of minutes ; )


(Porto) © Mr. Dheo

His base is beautiful Porto, but he definitely often finds himself in other places all over the world. Fourty cities to be exactly counting.


Aportugalypse © Mr. Dheo

He also has his share of commissioned works, cooperating with a wide range of  (inter)national companies, brands and festivals. Though the streets keep calling him. Having his roots in the graffiti world, he experimented a fine amount to come to his personal touch of pieces.

A true companion and collaborator is another famous Portuguese graffitiwriter ParizOne***, with whom he formed a collective since 2012: Armu Yama. Ofcourse conquering the world in a magnificent combostyle of «lettering and magic realism». Like they did together in Graça (Lisbon) under the denominator «Revolutionary Toons».


Moden Family (Bairro Padre Cruz, Lisbon) © Mr. Dheo

A short flashback to his 2014 escapades, you can find on his youtube channel: https://youtu.be/5eonn4JGeo8


© Mr. Dheo

Got interested to check out more?


** https://www.facebook.com/MisterDheo/

*** https://www.facebook.com/ParizOne1/

If you got any picture collected from his pieces around the world, share it with us using our #lisbonstreetarttours  ; )

A taste of local with: FOODPRINTZ CAFE

Today we meet Lisa who owns the Foodprintz Cafe with her friend Karo. This place combines food, yoga and education so we were really curious to discover more…


Located near Marques Pombal, it is the perfect spot to eat healthy food for breakfast and lunch or just to go chill out during the day. The menu is 100% vegan which is pretty hard to find in Lisbon. Everything is homemade and the atmosphere is great, if you haven’t been there you should run to it!

1) When and how did your project come to life ?

Foodprintz Cafe is a collaboration between Karo and me, Lisa. I am german, she is dutch and we met all the way on the other side of the world in Sydney, Australia. She is a Jivamukti Yoga teacher and vegan chef, I am a psychologist and mindfulness trainer. Our beliefs and interests combined well with each other and from a collaboration grew a beautiful friendship. A bit more than two year ago we both returned to Europe, love is what Karo brought to Lisbon. I visited her once and I fell in love with the city! The people, the vibe, the weather….and so we started dreaming and talking about setting up an actual space where we both could combine all our beliefs, interests and passion. And that space became Foodprintz Cafe: Food, Yoga and Education.

Granola jar and toasts images by Fred Madeira                                 Cookie image by Luis Luz

2) What is the Foodprintz café about ?

We are about many things, but mainly anything conscious! In our cafe we serve fresh, organic food from a monthly changing menu. We have a big breakfast menu, well selected lunch menu and fresh juices, teas, coffees and lattes. Everything on our menu is vegan. We care a big deal about local businesses so we try to work exclusively with Portuguese producers and companies!


Apart from eating people can also join us for Jivamukti Yoga classes during the evening and meditation on sunday mornings. Or fancy booking a massage? 🙂

Our last pilar is education and while Karo and I also host a few workshop throughout the year together, we also have a lot of beautiful people with amazing projects organising their own workshops in our space. This year 2018 we will have at least 2 workshops every month and they range from vegan cheese workshops, macrobiotic cooking workshop, DIY facial cream workshops and many more.

Weather you join us for eating, yoga or a workshop you can be absolutely sure that we will be there and welcome you with a smile and a chat.

3) How many people work in there?

At the moment we are a team of seven people. Lisa the general Manager, Karo is head of the kitchen, Celia and Anabela are our kitchen hands, Livia and Pedro are in service and Manuela is giving us a hand with dishes. Karo is also teaching Yoga and Lisa is teaching meditation.


Image by Fred Madeira

4) What is your typical customer?

I don’t think we have a “typical” customer. Gladly, the kind healthy, vegan food is becoming more and more popular with many different people. We have customers in heels and suits, working in the area, in sweat pants and sneakers, living in the area and tourists from all over the world. We meet very different people every day but they all have one thing in common: they are looking for real and healthy food and an atmosphere where they can feel at home.


5) What are your favourite hotspots in Lisbon?

It is hard to choose my favorite spot honestly, Lisbon is very diverse and that is what I love about it so much. For walks with my dog I love to go to Jardim de Torel. On a sunny morning I love a coffee at miradouro Senhora do Monte. On a day off I like to take a walk to LX factory and have lunch at The Therapist. For a delicious vegan dinner I go to Ao26 The Vegan Food Project and for beach walks I like to get out of the city a bit and spend an afternoon in Sesimbra or Serra de Arrabida, where my boyfriend is from.

Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca 82a
1250-193 Lisboa
Ph: +351 215 817 577
INSTAGRAM: foodprintzcafe
“If you pursue great footsteps, you leave great footprints” ― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Friday What’s Up Lisboa #60

Olápolola… It feels like spring is in town ! A little chilly spring still but let us absorb as much vitamine D as possible to overcome those winterblues. And if you are also wondering what is happening in this city, we made a little overview:

If you have any other suggestions for us, let us know here !

(Click on the picture to go the event page)


A collective exhibition of several Portuguese artists. Our friend Dirty Cop (Dirty & Blind) also joins, so you can definitely not miss out !

Saturday 18:00h – 20:00h / Sala d’Estar, Rua António Pedro 145C, Arroios.



A special celebration of 1 year Produções Incêndio @ Casa Independente. African beats, singer-songwriters, dj’s, a photographic exhibition… an eclectic mixture to please the senses in this multiculti neighbourhood and spark our artistic mind ! Catarina Munha, Chalo Correia and Carolina Viana.

Saturday 22:30h – 02:00h // Casa Independente @ Largo Intendente (entrance 6 euros)



  • LIMPEZA da Praia Fonte da Telha (CLEAN UP)

If you want to combine getting a tan, and make your contribution to the preservation of this wonderful planet, then this is YOUR moment ! It is the reality that sometimes hit hard to see how dirty we, people, can be. But there is also a bunch of people that happen to create awareness about this dirtiness. Join us coming Sunday at the big clean up of our beaches !

Sunday 10:30h – 13:00h // Beach Fonte da Telha (at the other side of the river)



A little different hotspot to finish the w’kend and fill your stomac well with (inter)national recipies is this covered market. A big mishmash of delicious local products as well as some healthy alternatives for vegetarians.

Every day from 10:00h // Rua Coelho da Rocha 104


© lisboalive

And don’t forget our open tour on Saturday @ 3pm (15h) @ Praça Luís Camões ! You can register here !

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Who What Where Why How come we keep on encountering those C-challenging-chalk drawings on the pavement of every city she passes? Here we collected a few answers… Shortly said:

Clitorosity is a movement to honor and spread awareness about the full structure of the clitoris. This incredible and wildly misunderstood part of the body has been represented by Clitorosity with over 90 large-scale chalk drawings in public spaces by a growing community of 60 people in 18 US states and 5 countries.

© Clitorosity

Who are you? Where are you from?

C. I am originally from Chicago and currently live in New York City. I have a background in technology and a passion for gender equality. Though I don’t have formal artistic training, I did have a giant chalkboard to let my ideas blossom growing up. There isn’t just one person behind Clitorosty – there are over 70 people who have fully participated in the creation of Clitorosity adventures.



© Clitorosity

What is your piece/the project about?

C. Clitorosity is a movement to spark curiosity and raise awareness about the full internal and external structure of the clitoris. The purpose is to inspire conversations about this incredible, yet widely misunderstood, part of the body.

 When and how come you decided to share your works in the streets?

C. I want to meet and engage with people where they are in their daily lives. Through public interactions and conversations, we learn about people’s attitudes and ideas about the clitoris.



© Clitorosity

How would you define the place and context of display added to the piece/project?

C. The place and context is unique to each drawing. We visit a variety of locations and incorporate elements of the surrounding environment through design and wordplay.

 How would you describe your style?

C. I would describe the style of Clitorosity as collaborative, educational and playful.


© Clitorosity

How do you take into account your audience?

C. I believe in collaboration in all aspects of the drawing with people who live in the location. This helps to develop a message in a location that is relatable and appropriate in the given cultural context and language.


Last November she was in town (Lisbon, Portugal) and along with our collective we aimed at painting the very first clitoris with spray.

Thank you Laura for this interview as well as an amazing afternoon of paint on the wall. Thank you for moving us, women, all over the world to be proud and shout it out loud ! If it is with chalk or spray or any other medium in between… raise awareness is what it is about !


Clitorosity in Lisbon with our yesyoucan.spray collective team 

Check out this video composed by Now This Her to overview her work and her mission out there ! Got interested to check out more: clitorosity !

If you got any picture collected from pieces around the world, share it with us using our #lisbonstreetarttours  ; )

Friday What’s Up Lisboa #59

Olá… the w’kend has arrived again ! And this w’kend we decided we want to put our dancing shoes on… ! Yes ! Therefore… we found one particular party happening on Saturday ! But we want more ! If you have any suggestions for us, let us know here !

  • Tributo 100 Anos de Samba

Ever wondered how come Samba is so wild and free and colourfull and lovable and definitely not something to stand still upon… because it makes you dance, sing and feel alive again? Then you are in the right place @ Bartô to explore the origins of these Brazilian vibes through some liv9e-concerts !

Saturday from 10:30pm (22h30 / Bartô, Costa do Castelo 7


whatsup lisboa 59

  • Black January 13.01 | Art & Flea Market

As if we haven’t spend quiet enough yet during the holiday season, our familiar Anjos70 organizes a black market or actually… an art & flea market to fight the dark winterdays ; ) One can interpret in many different, the main thing… is to go check out this incredible mishmash of old, handmade and artisanal stuff !

Saturday @ 11am-7pm (11h-19h) / Anjos 70, Regueirão Dos Anjos 70


whatsup lisboa 59 I

  • Exposition “Fotografar é dar Vida” «To photograph is to give life» – Inauguration & Cocktail

If you like to help someone here or at the other side of the world with just a picture… then go check out this photographic exhibition of VIDA-ONG.

Saturday @ 7:30pm (19h30) / Fábrica Braço de Prato, Rua da Fábrica de Material de Guerra, 1

whatsup lisboa 59 II

  • Feira Intendente

If you can’t get enough to gather many little as well as big gadgets for your sister, grandfather, mother, best friend, godchild or even for yourself… this feira is a cute little multiculti hotspot to find a wide variety of second hand, vintage as well as selfmade goodies. Not to miss out !

Sunday @ 10am – 6pm (10h-18h) / Largo do Intendente


whatsup lisboa 59 IV

And ofcourse do not forget our open tour on Saturday @ 3pm (15h) @ Praça Luís Camões ! You can register here !

If you join any of these events, let us know with our #lisbonstreetarttours & #whatsuplisboa ; )



Better late then never. And since this talent has been very busy these days…


We definitely aim to still interrupt and introduce you to her peculiar and incredible world of mythical and definitely a little mysterious characters.

CAAT back to school

Back to School paint session 2016 (Lisbon) © CÄäT

She is a Belgian artist based in Lisbon. She has a history in illustration on walls, canvas, books, magazines and so on… . Her universe is made of many enigmatic figures, inspired from all kinds of sources. May it be her travels, her favourite music, her yogapractice, or reading endlessly classic old tales…

Life itself has many surprises, and time after time she explores ways to express this within her works.


© CÄäT

Bright colours on the wall to feel excited…

Blue/red bic sketches to reveal her daily adventures…

CAAT boomerang

© CÄäT

Acrylic paintings to dig a little deeper what lives underneath…

CAAT sweater

© CÄäT

And cool composed clothes to feel a little more brave !


It is clear that the red line within her works turns around human beings, their body & soul and this close connection to the wide world of animals.

She joined our last paint session (@yesyoucanspray) in September 2017 and amazed us once again with this magnificent mural:

CAAT yycs

Back to School paint session 2017 (Lisbon) © CÄäT

Check out more on her website !

Or follow up on her adventures through @caatalataac

And untill the 7th of February you can admire her works in one of our favourite hotspots in Lisbon (café Tati) !

If you have any picture collected from her pieces around the world, share it with us using our #lisbonstreetarttours  ; )