Friday what’s up Lisboa #69

Olápolola… This week we started feeling the butterflies in our stomac and admire the green green grass blossoming, the birds whisteling since SPRINGTIME arrived ! A little chilly spring still but we definitely already absorbed some vitamine D. But that is not all. Besides our SPRING-GIVEAWAY-BAG (check our IG) we also like to share some great events for this w’kend: beer, tattoos, art and music ! What more does one want in life? Let us know here ; )

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Poetry, illustrations, tattoos, musicbeats, handmade gadgets… a mixture of creative souls will be hanging out in Anjos70 this Saturday, so go check out if you want to get inspired or if you just want to meet like-minded wicked souls ; )

Saturday 12:00h – 23:00h / Anjos70, Regueirão Dos Anjos 70, Anjos.



Who doesn’t like an inkmark on his/her body for the rest of his/her life? We certainly do ! And that’s why you can definitely find us this w’kend heading to an all-female-tattooers-convention in the heart of Lisbon ! With names like… Filipa Vargas, Papercat, Tânia Catclaw, Nouvelle Rita and Shanna Mendonça !

Saturday & Sunday 11:00h – 19:00h / Rua da Gaivotas6, Rua da Gaivotas 6.


  • LANÇAMENTO «Vila Rodrigues – Orange Double Black IPA»

To the question who doesn’t like to try out freshly brewed beer, we will keep the answer to ourselves ; ) But this w’kend a Cerveja Oitava Colina (the 8th hill beer) will launch a new beer. And guess what? The design is once again illustrated by one of our favourite street artitsts in town Mar !

Saturday 17:00h – 02:00h / Duque Brewclub, Calçada do Duque 49-51, Baixa.



And before you really go crazy and insane during the SaturdayNightFever… one more celebration! Because one of our favourite spaces to hang out or to enjoy some good food, nice beats, inspiring debates, etc… A concert of the Brazilian Nega will take place to highlight this 10th aniversary. But there is more… for this you need to pass this w’kend !

Saturday 19:00h – 02:00hRenovar a Mouraria, Beco do Rosendo 8/10.


  • DOMINGO no MUNDO com DJ El Gadzé

An immense mélange of beats and sounds produced to chill & relax or to heat up our dancing shoes or as he puts it «a powerful cocktail of music that can be as refreshing and relaxing as a cool breeze or as revitalising and hot as the desert winds». You can already have a soundcheck on his page. Sundayevenings were never so warming !

Sunday 22:30h – 01:50h / Bartô, Costa do Castelo 7.



And if you are stil around on Monday, then check out this fresh tattoo artist ! She is organizing a jam session in her basement to get creatives all kind together !

Monday 15:00h – 00:00h / Janelas Verdes 13, Santos.


And don’t forget our open tour on Saturday @ 15h @ Praça Luís Camões ! You can register here !

If you join any of these events, let us know with our #whatsuplisboa !



Friday what’s up Lisboa #68

Ohno ! You can’t be serious? More rain? We know the country needs it. But we only have a small selection for this week. Be aware… you might still get wet feet walking there. For our open tour of this Saturday, we will be present as usual ; ) But definitely foresee a rainjacket, rainboots and maybe a €3-umbrella !

If you have any other suggestions for us, let us know here !

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  • INDIEFERENTE na janela da voz do operário

If you hurry up you can still make it for this peculiar evening & space. Music & beats by Trol2000 + Rui M. Teixeira to definitely make a move on the dancefloor.

Friday 18:00h – 22:00h / A Janela da Voz do Operário, Rua da Voz do Operário 13, Graça.



Our very first official though still off the records edition of an imaginary evening ! With our yesyoucan.spray collective we wanted to do something different, including one beer or two three. Join creative (and maybe even a little wicked) minds. The idea… gather with a drink and exchange ideas on events, on creative techniques, on hotspots to paint, on life in all its colourful glory ; ) The hotspot to conquer is the cosy & cute Este bar !

Friday 22h – ? / Este Bar, Rua dos Remédios 182, Alfama.


Saturday we would recommend to do the typical touristic stuff. Like enjoying Feira da Ladra in between the storm, hopping the tram28, absorbing some delicious tasters at mercado Campo d’Ourique or a little closer mercado da Ribeira. Or take a walk on the wild side and enjoy the contemporary art museum of Berardo in Belém, or go explore the traditional practice of tiles in the azulejos-museum etc…


Nope it is not a Portuguese holiday, but since we like to celebrate, why not do it together with a bunch of Irish people ; ) The clock round, there will be live funky folk music, 6 nations-rugby and ofcourse Guinness !

Saturday 14:00 – 02:00h / O’Gillins Irish Pub, Rua dos Remolares 10, Cais do Sodré.



Have you ever tried some silly dancing in your life? If not, this is your moment ! Yes, we know… the weatherforecast is not the best for this outdoor event. But let’s turn this into a raindance where we praise those drops for falling down from the sky filling the waterreservoirs as well as the rivers again ; )

Sunday 15:00h – 18:00h / Praça Europa, Cais do Sodré.

»» ««

And don’t forget our open tour on Saturday @ 15h @ Praça Luís Camões ! You can register here !

And last but not least… Remember the wise words of the great philosopher Nietzsche « And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. »

If you join any of our suggested events, let us know with our #whatsuplisboa !


Friday what’s up Lisboa #67

We don’t know how it is in other parts of the world but for those planning to hang out in Lisbon these days… it is wet & windy ! No umbrellas (because they just fly away) but rainjackets is what will keep you dry to go to each of these hotspots mentioned underneath  ; )

If you have any other suggestions for us, let us know here !

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  • AMO Brewery 1 year anniversary

We are beerlovers ! And to find a space in Lisbon that brews their own beers in a very unique way, gets our drinking appetite wacky & wild ! Blond, dark, sweet and juicy… AMO Brewery have for each something to try.

Friday 17:00h – 23:59h / AMO Brewery, Rua Bernardim Ribeiro 53.


  • Acoustic JAM Session

A new space is opening its doors tonight for a musical evening of unexpected beats & sounds. For all music players and lovers… join this jam session ! RA 100 Arroios aims at collaborating with different people, from musicians to painters to photographers… to feel free and connect with other artists from ALL over the world ! Something you do not want to miss !

Friday 19:00h – 23:00h / RA 100 Arroios, Rua de Arroios 100 A & B.



Another anniversary that takes place is one of our favourite colourful arenas. If you are looking for some other musical event with good and bad sounds (depending on who is singing ; ))) guided by an acoustic guitar player, you should pay a visit to Renovar a Mouraria.

Friday 21:00h – 23:59h / Renovar a Mouraria, Beco do Rosendo 8/10.



Do you like the southern colours and handcraft as much as we do? If so, definitely pass by this monthly market inspired by… Africa ! Fashion, art, music, accessoires, food, literature… all at Atelier Aberto.

Saturday & Sunday 11:00h – 22:00h & 20:00h / Atelier Aberto, Rua São João da Mata 59, Santos.


  • Exhibition AND FOUND by Aimée Pedezert

When you joined our wealthy street art walk, let’s head all together to Lost Lisbon ! One of the remarkable artists that covered a big part of the citycentre with her paste up characters will do an inauguration of her works.

Saturday 16:00h – 20:00h / Lost Lisbon, Travessa do Corpo Santo 10 2ºD, Cais Sodré.



Sorry lovely people, it will be a hard time choosing for all of you. But we cannot not mention this space. We enjoyed the diversity of works so much last time… that we are definitely hypercurious about what this new edition of their Wall of Fame has to bring.  A little tip of the top: our good friend CÄäT will exhibit some works as well ! So you can definitely not miss out !

Saturday 18:00h – 20:00h / Sala d’Estar, Rua António Pedro 145C, Arroios.


  • ROCK IN RIOT teaser & PIZZA benefit

And last but not least… If you want to experience some rebel voices and become one of them under the name of «Ocupar as Ruas e Reclamar a Cidade» as well as enjoy a delicious fresh made pizza for the good cause of it… then pass by Sunday RDA !

Sunday 17:00h – 00:00h / RDA 69, Rua Regueirão dos Anjos 69, Anjos.


And don’t forget our open tour on Saturday @ 15h @ Praça Luís Camões ! You can register here !

If you join any of these events, let us know with our #lisbonstreetarttours & #whatsuplisboa




Yes ! Finally it is his turn ! Because we oh so adore these elephants in the streets of every city in every country in every corner of the world… and hopefully one day we can invite him to our city to immerse us with his vivid, larger-than-life characters and creations ! Stunning street art lovers, this #wednesdaywalloffame is especially dedicated to Falke One !


«Save Arrival» © Falke One 


«Bitten of too much» © Falke One 

Having already more than 25years of experience in the field of graffiti and street art, he is definitely one of the graff-pioneers in South Africa to determine its role and course. Amidst Mitchells Plain he tried out his very first piece only and only to impress ; )


«Headstrong» © Falke One 

Nonetheless he also got involved in the first graffiti competition in South Africa back in 1996. Something that would be repeated moreover all-over.


«Homer» © Falke One 

And then those incredible, a little psychedelic colourful, sketchy elephants. They truly stand for a sense of happiness as well as awareness about their constant threat to extinction ! 


«Self Defense» © Falke One 

But one of the main reasons – amongst many – we admire his dedication, is also his view on graffiti as a «dynamic social tool». Knowing how to get sponsors engaged into social responsible community projects, he aims at empowering disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Determined in featuring issues like genderequality, racism, environmental consciousness, and creating awareness about art as a form sustainability.


«The apple doesn’t fall» © Falke One 

One of those examples, with the major support of Red Bull, is «Once upon a Town». This social art project aimed at painting homes in towns all over the country, at first mainly in rural deprived areas. Challenging the perception of value… the value of a home… their homes that are left unnoticed for so long. He shows in every kind of way a huge respect to the locals, inviting them into his world of creations and being invited into their world of cultural traditions and stories. A beautiful example of «how art affects the people and how the people inspire the artist»


© Falke One 


«cray cray» © Falke One 

Got inspired to check out more? Have a look at his website, facebook as well as his journey Once upon a Town !

Let’s find all the possible ways to invite him to Portugal and share our favourite elephants of him with our #lisbonstreetarttours  ; )


All pictures © Falke One


Friday What’s Up Lisboa #66

We send you an earlybird version of this What’s Up Lisboa-blogpost ! If you wonder why… well. to be honest there is a wide variety of things happening this w’kend ! Besides our incredible street art walking tour – which should be on your top 5 bucketlist – there are some incredible artists presenting their works indoors. Sunshine might be less on our side this w’kend but let’s hope time will !

If you have any other suggestions for us, let us know here !

(Click on the picture to go the event page)

  • WK – Act and Process –

This French, New York based street artist «WK Interact» has its way around black and white designs, movement and photography. A little preview of his work you can find here. The solo-exhibition will take place in the well-known Underdogs gallery !

Friday 19:00h – 22:00h / Underdogs, Rua Fernando Palha, Armazém 56, Braço de Prata.

what 66 I


With our yesyoucan.spray collective we wanted to do something different, including one beer or two three. Be prepared for an imaginary evening with creative (and maybe even a little wicked) minds. The idea… gather with a drink and exchange ideas on events, on creative techniques, on hotspots to paint, on life in all its colourful glory ; ) The first hotspot to conquer is Este bar !

Friday 22h – ? / Este Bar, Rua dos Remédios 182, Alfama.

what 66 II

  • Baião no Mercado

Every first Friday of the month, we will meet definitely at Mercado da Riberia where the only thing we cannot do is standing still ; ) Be welcome to join us for some dancing and turning and twisting and …

Friday 22:00h – 02:00h / Mercado da Ribeira (Time Out Market Lisboa), Avenida 24 de Julho 49.

what 66 V

  • «The absence of awareness: Fluor, Concrete, Lava»

Joana Gomes, Binau and Salvador Salazar… three wicked artistic minds together will conquer this superb Wozenstudio spot ! A collective exhibition of their residence of the last 3 months.

Saturday 16:00h – 20:00h / Wozen, Rua das Janelas Verdes, 128 Loja B.

what 66

  • Art & Flea market

Looking for something hipster and cool or a little bit more ordinary and simple? Anjos70 is the place to be to find cover for some rainy days ! Ps. Every first w’kend of the month this is the place to be to – if it is not to find cover for the rainy showers, at least for a wide variety of second hand, vintage, artisanal… products !

Saturday & Sunday 11:00h – 19:00h / Anjos70, Regueirão Dos Anjos 70, Anjos.

what 66 III

And don’t forget our open tour on Saturday @ 15h @ Praça Luís Camões ! You can register here !

If you join any of these events, let us know with our #lisbonstreetarttours & #whatsuplisboa




This wall of fame we want to induce you into the works of a Crazy Canadian ; ) She creates powerful and incredible works inspired by her own rythms as well as the ones society puts upon us!

miss vandal VII

She shouts out for attention in an unapologetic way demanding the reflection upon our beliefs and behaviours. «To be born with a woman’s body is to bear the unsolicited burden of humanity’s unresolved attitudes towards sex […]»

miss vandal V

MissMe or Montreal’s most known Art Vandal even passed Lisbon with some wicked and wonderful paste ups all kind of women as role models and covering/revealing one way or another their boobs in playful ways. But also respected and honourable characters form the main inspiration for her to go out there and share them with anyone who wants to see and everyone who won’t see.

miss vandal IV

She is an activist, feminist, and a recognized outlaw artist demanding attention and exploring her own struggles with race, gender, society and class… screaming out for dignity amongst all.

miss vandal III PussylluminatiNYC1

«My work is just a counter voice to that ultra-simplistic and oppressive voice of traditional media and advertising.»

A little intro to her work:

You want to check out more of her works and/or follow her wicked situations worldwide?

If you got any picture collected from pieces around the world, share it with us using our #lisbonstreetarttours  ; )

Pics ©

Video © Gorjestani M.


Friday what’s up Lisboa #65

Olápolola… Have you seen the weatherforecast* yet? It is promising showers of rain from next week. So let’s absorb as much vitamine D as possible and explore the creative outbursts in this metropolitan city Lisbon ! We collected a few must for you to check out ! If you have any other suggestions for us, let us know here !

(Click on the picture to go the event page)

  • «I HAVE NO HEROES» of Jorge Charrua

One of these remarkable cultural hotspots with bar ánd small library, Traça, invited this Portuguese artist to highlight his works between 2016 and 2018. Portraits get a very central space in his works. Although the title of this first solo exhibition this year might claim otherwise.

Friday 19:00h – 23:59h / Traça, Rua Luciano Cordeiro 2C.



If you like some South American sounds than definitely check out BUS tonight ! Because Caio Azevedo (Brasil) e Nicolas Bragunde (Uruguai), two musicians and experimentalists will take you the summersounds even when the sun went down ; )

Friday 20:00h – 23:59h / BUS Paragem Cultural, Rua Maria 73, Anjos.


  • Open$tudio «PROPAGANDA KID»

Live stencil painting with two quiet acquainted artists in the scenery of Lisbon and beyond, DirtyCop and Adres. Creating limited and customized editions of their «propoganda kid».

Saturday 15:00h – 18:00h / Puto Barbudo HQ, Studio Estrada de Chelas 47A.


  • OPENSTUDIO Roundabout LX

Another open studio to admire a wide variety of artists combined with musical and visual performances. A few names: ChiraDani d’EmiliaGreg HannanMarta AngelozziMalou CohenEdgar de Oliveira.

Saturday & Sunday 17:00h – 00:00h / Roundabout Lx, Rua Cidade de Cardiff n 54B.


And don’t forget our open tour on Saturday @ 15h @ Praça Luís Camões ! You can register here !


Share us your most wicked creative moments with our #lisbonstreetarttours & #whatsuplisboa !



Friday what’s up Lisboa #64

W’KEND ! Where have you been? So after a wicked carnavalweekend and some Valentineroses -or blues, we stand at the merge of yet another blast of a weekend in Lisbon ! Wine and Musicbeats ! What more do we want in life? If you can think of something, then let us know your suggestions down below !

(Click on the picture to go the event page)


Hurry Up ! It is definitely not too late yet to arrive in Anjos70 for some crazy music beats, from all over the world,  a visual show and some mysterious installation. All set up by the LX-based collective Acidente, exploring (un)known talents like Lua Felina, Tutti Morti, Ron Guetta… . (Entrance €3 sem jantar o €5 com veggie jantar)

Friday 19:00h – 00:00h / Anjos70, Regueirão Dos Anjos 70



For the third time in a row, one can deliciously zip and taste a wide variety of wines and tapas in one of the more traditional covered markets of the city Mercado de Campo de Ourique. And to make it even more complete there will als be live-music from pop, rock, jazz, and ofcourse the folklore Portuguese tradition, fado.

Friday-Sunday 12:00h – 23:00h / Mercado de Campo de Ourique, Rua Coelho da Rocha 104

A.J. & the Rockin’ Trio will perform a wild night out at Hennessy’s Irish Pub. Ps. they have some delicious Belgian beers ; )
Saturday 23:00h – 02:00h / Hennessy’s Irish Pub, Cais do Sodré 32/38
  • Some options to do during the day: flea markets. You have Feira da Ladra near the Monastery of São Vicente (Saturday all day) or Feira do relogio close to metro Bela Vista (Sunday morning).

And as usual do not forget our open tour on Saturday @ 3pm (15h) @ Praça Luís Camões ! This tour is based on donation and open to every street art lover and wanna-be ; ) Spread the word to register here !

If you join any of these events, let us know with our #lisbonstreetarttours & #whatsuplisboa


St. Valentine


For those that wonder what is so special about this day, well… we honestly do not know. Because history is not unambigously about Saint Valentine. But since a quiet big population of this world will do a little extra effort to show their lovin’, we might as well ! And since every day can be a ridiculous good day to overwhelm this world with a little bit of lovin’… we want to share a variety of lovely murals with one essential lovely organ, a heart while listening to this musical oldtimer of Nacht und Rebel  ; )

WALL heart I

© Keith Haring // Pic: urbanprairieto

WALL valentine IX

«Hearts & Darts» © Millo



WALL valentine VII

© iHeart // Pic: isupportstreetart

Check out these animated heartbeats of the Croatian artist Lonac… (click on pic)

WALL valentine XIV

© Lonac // Pic: Sasha Bogojev

Love will travel around the world or Love will occupy the world or Love will conquer the world or …

WALL valentine

© IA STAA // Pic: streetart360

WALL valentine II

© Banksy // Pic: musartboutique

Even a few Portuguese artists couldn’t resist…  ; )

WALL valentine VIII

© Hazul & Costah // Pic: Julie Dawn Fox

WALL valentine XII

© Julieta XLF // Pic: Lluís Olivé Bulbena

WALL valentine V

© ?

WALL valentine XI

© JGoldcrown

WALL valentine XIII

© Elian & Alexis Diaz // Pic: Rom Lévy

And if you are really sick and tired of those lovebirds and all romantic stew…

WALL valentine IV

© Banksy // Pic: missworldsecurity

If you got any lovely heartbeat picture collected from around the world, share it with us using our #lisbonstreetarttours  ; )

Friday What’s Up Lisboa #63

A little late for our Friday Night Out? No way ! In Lisbon we are never too late to share the best of the best for a w’kend out though in the city. If you went wild & crazy last night, we got some relaxing activities picked out for your perfect w’kend. Although be prepared, we heard there will be going on some wicked Brazilian Carnaval Festivities !

(Click on the picture to go the event page)

  • Orquestra Batucaria

Thanks to Renovar a Mouraria we were able to host last week the Brazilian street artist Celopax, a driven inspiration with monstruous sketches ; ) Though what is really happening in this multicultihotspot is a mixture of beats & drums. Young & old will be gathering at this particular space lead by Orquestra Batucaria, the percussion band of the RAM. Let’s meet there before heading for some local beers.

Saturday 15:00h – 17:00h / Praça Bem Formosa, Rua Benformoso, Intendente


  • Vinhos no Pátio

Are you up to try over 200 different wines in just one afternoon/evening? If so, then definitely head to Praça do Comércio where you can try a wide variety of wines.

Saturday 15:00h – 22:00h & Sunday from 14:00h – 19:00h / Pátio da Galé, Praça do Comércio » entrada € 3 incl. um copo de vinho «


  • Troca-Te ! Veste e Muda

Are you looking for a new outfit? Or are you tired of your old one and want to get rid of it? Or do you have a load of accessories you want to exchange for some hipster new ones? Or you just do not want to go buy at Primark, H&M or Zara because… Then join this afternoon for an awareness-exchange in clothes and more !

Saturday 15:00h – 19:00hAssociação Mais Cidadania, Rua do Teixeira 13, Bairro Alto


  • Festa • Come On & Dance • Swing, Samba & Forró

Dancing in random public spaces along with a bunch of professionals and learning the tricks of the trade of the “grandaddy of all Swing dances”? This is your chance ! And if you don’t like to dance… you can still enjoy a chocolate pie in the most fancy streets of Lisbon ; )

Sunday 16:00h – 19:00h / Quiosque O Melhor Bolo de Chocolate do Mundo, Avenida da Liberdade.


  • Carnaval Desfilé Bué Tolo

All the way from Brazil… Music, Dance and lots of colours and if you manage DO DRESS UP ; )

Sunday from 12:00h / Jardim da Ribeira das Naus


  • Arraial de Carnaval

And last but not least… We add one extra day to our w’kend because Carneval has arrived. At Renovar a Mouraria there will be a mixture of phantasy and tradition and ofcourse crazy beats & sounds and delicious snacks to absorb !

Monday 19:00h – 02:00hRenovar A Mouraria, Beco do Rosendo.


And don’t forget our open tour on Saturday @ 15h @ Praça Luís Camões ! You can register here !

If you have any other suggestions for us, let us know !

If you join any of these events, let us know with our #lisbonstreetarttours & #whatsuplisboa