Friday what’s up Lisboa #47

Ola beautiful people! This week-end is for openings 🙂 We hope you already enjoyed the one of "Pigeon Hole" yesterday. If you didn't pass by yet you should go! Tonight as mentioned already on our facebook page, Underdogs gallery and Wasted Rita are waiting for you. But not solely because: Another Portuguese artist is having … Continue reading Friday what’s up Lisboa #47



This week-end is very special! You will get the chance to visit some artists' ateliers as it's the 8th edition of Abertura dos Ateliês de Artistas.   Get the chance to be among the first people to discover the new atelier of one of the last Yesyoucan.spray paintsession, Giulia at Ondular. Saturday 18h-22h / rua do … Continue reading FRIDAY WHAT’S UP LISBOA #46


Friday again: check our agenda to know what to do in this busy week-end! It's not in Lisbon and it's not for free, but if you're interested in street art, you can't miss it: Festival Iminente in Oeiras. It will be a mixture of music and art with more than 20 street artists present! Friday-Sunday … Continue reading FRIDAY WHAT’S UP #43!


It is not too late yet ! Week-end is as good as arrived and here you can find what to do! ; )   LS, aka Luís Santos, the street artist from Marvila, will inaugurate an exposition in . his neighborhood: spray paintings, canvas, plastic art with traditional material mixed to recycled ones. Move to Marvila, … Continue reading FRIDAY WHAT’S UP #42!


Friday again! Time to plan your weekend in Lisbon: check our suggestions! Do you wanna dance? Free forró, folk and swing lessons in Central Parque Quiosque! Friday (18-21h) Central Parque Quiosque, Parque Eduardo VII - Lisbon      Terramotourism is a documentary showing Left Hand Rotation collective's point of view about how Lisbon has been changing … Continue reading FRIDAY WHAT’S UP #41!


Ola to the world! Are you ready to another weekend in Lisbon?? Check our suggestion! ABSURDE collective (Frédéric Touchard & Adrien Michel) organized AOS Exhibition: video and sound installations are waiting for you! Friday - Sunday (18,30-23h) Regueirão dos Anjos 70 Lisbon       Black August SALES Market in Anjos 70 this Saturday: new and second … Continue reading FRIDAY WHAT’S UP #40!


Good week-end to the world in sunny Lisbon! 🙂 Let's start with art: Giv Lowe organized an amazing exposition! The artist Aditya Aryal goes under the name SADHUX back in Nepal.  His works are up and living in the gallery. Friday (19h00) Praça de São Paulo - Lisboa Do you like cinema? Don't miss the festival … Continue reading FRIDAY WHAT’S UP #38!


Ready for another amazing weekend in Lisboa?? Check our agenda! 😉 Let's start practicing Tai chi in the park: healthy idea to experiment a different Friday afternoon! Friday (h18-h19) Jardim do Campo grande - Lisboa   For Friday evening, the place 's gonna be Praça do Comercio: VJ Suave, brazilian performers, are going to video-paint, riding … Continue reading FRIDAY WHAT’S UP #37!