Come with us and discover the city in a total different way. Learn about different techniques & styles and the whole graffiti and street art-scenery in Portugal and worldwide.

Enjoy and participate in this cultural and immersive dialogue, based on the edu-tainment principle, the tour is meant to be fun as you learn something new.

We are an enthusiastic team of women from different parts of the world, passionated about art and street art. Our project started in Lisbon 5 years ago as the first ones to share our knowledge about the Lisbon’s street art and graffiti scenery. 

We will reveal to you the history and the different styles and techniques amongst the immense amount of creative, artistic and expressive interventions in the streets of Lisbon, marked by many (inter)national artists, performers, painters, writers… We want to bring awareness about the political, economic, and social issues that give rise to Lisbon’s street art and graffiti but we also like to share our own experience and what brings us to Portugal.

But above all…

participating our tours, makes you contribute to the art-scenery of Lisbon as part of the money earned goes to our yesyoucan.spray collective. With which we organize paint sessions and workshops with artists from, based in, and passing through Lisbon.



  • Show Lisbon in a different, artistic, fun way.
  • Share our passion and academic knowledge about art, street art and graffiti with everybody (tourists, visitors, artists, and locals).
  • Share stories about the artists, their different techniques and styles.
  • Teach about the history and culture of Lisbon through what is written on the walls.
  • Contribute to the glocal art(ist) community.



We want to be the most relevant, updated and respectful source of street art in Lisbon


“See Lisbon through a different perspective!”

We went with our Schoolclass and it was a great experience. Our guide was very eager to share the interesting stories behind the graffities. Some of the Graffiti have a etraordinary high quality and are truely beautiful. Overall the graffitis were very nice and the price is fair. The Ginja shot was the icing on the cake. Thank you! Sebastian

” A must do if you like street art!”

We had Véro as a guide who is really nice, passionate and helping. She would share her passion and knowledge. 3h is not too long to explore the city 🙂 Highly recommended! Maëlle

“Absolute must do!”

I’ve done street art tours all around the world and this was easily the best I’ve been on. The tour didnt just show you pieces (legal and other) it told you about the artists, their motivations and techniques while weaving in history of both the art form and the city – highly recommend. Jane

“Super balade et explications au top! “

Près de 3h de balade dans les quartiers de Lisbonne. Un bon moyen de visiter également. Une guide passionnée et passionnante!! À faire absolument (quand on aime le street art). Anne

“Balade et atelier street art”

C’est toujours un pari que de garder l’intérêt d’une classe pendant 3 heures, mais un pari relevé et gagné par Charlène, qui nous a fait découvrir Lisbonne en nous invitant avec beaucoup d’enthousiasme à poser un regard nouveau sur le street art. Et c’était vraiment cool de se retrouver un spray à la main à essayer de laisser une contribution… Olivier

“Un approche de Lisbonne sous un Angle très différent”

Merci pour ces moments de découverte d’émotion et de rencontres. J’aime me faire happer et me laisser voguer entre les ruelles étroites que peu de touristes fréquentes pour découvrir des trésors éphémères interdits et cachés. L’émotion doit être dégustée sur place, à vos appareils. JB

One thought on “About

  1. When I decided to take the tour, I thought, thats something different lets check it out! I didnt know much about the world of street art when I met Vero, our guide, downtown, now I do! I enjoyed the tour very much and since Ill be living in Lisbon for a while I trying to stay i touch with the group to get to know more about the scene.


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