Come with us and discover the city in a total different way. Learn about different techniques & styles and the whole graffiti and street art-scenery in Portugal and worldwide.

Enjoy and participate in this cultural and immersive dialogue, based on the edu-tainment principle, the tour is meant to be fun as you learn something new.

We are an enthusiastic team of people from different parts of the world, passionate about art and street art – we will reveal to you the history and the different styles and techniques amongst the immense amount of creative, artistic and expressive visual manifestations and interventions in the streets of Lisbon, marked by many national and international artists, performers, painters, writers… We want to share our knowledge and tell people about the political, economic, and social issues that give rise to Lisbon’s street art and graffiti but we also like to share our own experience and what brings us to Portugal.


Great tour! The guide is really passionate about the street art scene in Lisbon. She knows every story and every little detail behind all the works and the artists. Thomas

Today we did the streetart tour and we absolutely loved it. Not only did the guide shown us very cool art in the streets of Lisbon, but she also provided very good background information. And her enthusiasm made everybody enjoy the lovely work that’s up on the streets of Lisbon. A must-do for every streetart fan visiting Lisbon. Harry

The street art tour is just great!! I’m amazed how many street artists and graffiti writers are there in this city. Absolutely recommend this tour to everyone interested in street art/ contemporary art/cool and creative stuff:)) thanks you guys a lot for giving an opportunity to discover this side of the city life. I’ll definitely be back to see new works and pieces 😉) Irina

Merci pour ces moments de découverte d’émotion et de rencontres. J’aime me faire happer et me laisser voguer entre les ruelles étroites que peu de touristes fréquentes pour découvrir des trésors éphémères interdits et cachés. L’émotion doit être dégustée sur place, à vos appareils. JB

Un très bon moment de passé en compagnie de Charlène qui nous a fait découvrir des artistes et des techniques de street art, mais aussi les quartiers de Lisbonne et leurs histoires. Je recommande vivement cette activité qui permet de découvrir la capitale sous un angle différent ! Corinne

La visite “street art” dure presque 3h et l’on ne s’y ennui jamais! Non seulement j’ai appris beaucoup de choses sur l’univers du street art, les projets et les artistes mais j’ai découvert Lisbonne sous un nouvel angle. Super expérience que j’ai déjà recommandé à tous les visiteurs de Lisbonne! Alice

We really enjoyed this tour. During 3 hours we saw amazing streetart in Lisbon. Our guide Vėro was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Not only did she know a lot about Portuguese streetart. As finishing her anthropology study on the subject of streetart and graffiti she also shared some interesting insights on the meaning of streetart for society. A very intersting tour, and the 3 hours passed by as was it only 30 minutes. HV


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  1. When I decided to take the tour, I thought, thats something different lets check it out! I didnt know much about the world of street art when I met Vero, our guide, downtown, now I do! I enjoyed the tour very much and since Ill be living in Lisbon for a while I trying to stay i touch with the group to get to know more about the scene.


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