Olápolola… Let’s go wild this w’kend, ok? We selected a few… just a few events for you to plan your w’kend the best way possible. And if you are in town coming Sunday, definitely come and say hello in Cais do Sodre because we will be hosting some of the best artists in town adding their colourful contribution to a unique solidarity event. #whatsuplisboa

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Workshops, expositions, traditional dance, debates, music, traditional products, and a lot of animation in the streets with bands from Portugal, Spain, China, Colombia, Hungary, Italia, País de Gales and Uruguai. And today, Saturday, there will be a huge parade with 50 different masked groups.

Saturday, Sunday | 10h30 | Jardim da Praça do Império, Belém

106 V

  • VIVA O SAMBA na praça

If you feel like dancing, this is the perfect apero-spot ! Samba-beats will entertain you until a beautiful sunset…

Saturday| 15h-21h | Jardim de Roque Gameiro, Cais Sodré

106 vi


If you are into photography or not, it shouldn’t matter. Because this exhibition is a must to explore the real face of the world. The 2019 exhibition features the World Press Photo of the Year, and for the first time, the World Press Photo Story of the Year. The winners were chosen by an independent jury that reviewed more than 78,801 photographs entered by 4,738 photographers from 129 countries.

Saturday| 10h-20h | Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência, Rua da Escola Politécnica 56/58, Principe Real.

106 IV


Music from all parts of the world in one dancing venue… grab your loved ones and shake it loose ; ) With a special launch of “El Mundo está Cumbiando” de Rolando Bruno.

Saturday | 23:00h – 04:00h | Damas, Rua da Voz do Operario 60, Graça.

106 VII


May 18 may be for some of us an ordinary Saturday. But by the Unesco this day is hailed as the international day of musea with workshops, debates, performances, exhibitions, lectures… Check out which musea are definitely in and what they have to offer to celebrate along with you !


If you want to hide from samba, run away from all shapes of street art and just be chill till late night, then check out here a small preview of what to expect today for a chill Saturdayafternoon.

Saturday | 19h-23h | Palheta, Travessa Ribeira Nova 30, Cais Sodre.


106 I

  • STREET ART TOUR (English spoken)

Those, curious to explore the city of Lisbon through what is written on the walls, join us for a wicked street art walk through the citycenter of Lisbon, exploring the creative side of different neighbourhoods. Note you will also contribute to the art-scenery of Lisbon as part of the revenue is reinvested into our yesyoucan.spray collective (check it out: www.yesyoucanspray.com). We organize paintjams and workshops with artists from, based in or just passing through Lisbon. You can register here !

Saturday | 15h-17:30h | Praça Luís Camões, Chiado.


Come and join us for the coming three Sundays to celebrate a solidarity project between Náutico Clube Boa Esperança, the prominent participation of Slap Slapsktr and the intercultural collective Yesyoucanspray with support of White Noize Films. This elevating exchange-project invites street artists from all over the world to participate and share their artistic skills as means of exposure of kids with (mental) disabilities. The paintjams in the run-up to the boats being launched on the water during the Day of Portugal (June 10th) will give the possibility for artists to connect and exchange fresh ideas accompanied with paint, music, drinks and food. If you or anyone you know is interested to help us emphasize the importance of this exchange-project on a socio-cultural, educational as well as humanitarian level and glorify these boats, join us !

Sunday| 11:00h – 17:00h | Rua Cais do Gás, Armazém Municipal nr. 1, Cais Sodre.

Design sem nome (2)

If you join any of these events, let us know with our #lisbonstreetarttours & #whatsuplisboa



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