For everyone who loves art or wants to know more about Portuguese culture the Bordalo Pinheiro Museum is a must!

2018-12-15 16.49.06

I had a great time there with Diogo, just enjoying the playful style of Bordalo’s ceramics and cartoons. Little did I know, that I would learn not only about Portuguese history but also so much about the culture.

The name Ze Povinho didn’t ring any bells before, and I am sure that most foreigners don’t know who he is. After visiting the museum dedicated to his creator, I understand the Portuguese people better and have a great new conversation starter!

2018-12-15 17.15.54

Read the entire story about the Bordalo Pinheiro Museum on my blog and join me on one of my next visits! Sunday I will go to the José Saramago Foundation and the following Saturday to the Museum of Portuguese Decorative Arts.

See you soon in a museum around Lisbon!

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