Well, Museu do Oriente was probably one of the most difficult places to describe in words. Because it was not about words but about impressions!

A great exhibition of young Chinese contemporary artists was mixed with artefacts about the cultural exchange between Portugal and the Far East and the Chinese opera. It was a huge museum and took around two hours to visit, but this size allowed the exhibitions to go deep.

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Especially the extent of “The Chinese Opera” was just stunning. I rarely saw an exhibition that went to such length covering every part of the topic. And it wasn’t just scratching on the surface – no, it actually went into detail.

Characters, costumes, scenes, stories and music were explained visually. Dresses, masks and accessories turned it into a divers and colourful display of an extremely sophisticated culture.

20181207_204128 (1)

Read the entire story about Museu do Oriente on my blog and join me on one of my next visits! Saturday I will go to the National Coach Museum with some friends. Thursday and Friday next week will be the next dates then. Just choose your favourite museum from this list.

See you soon in a museum around Lisbon!


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