The journey continues!

Part 1 last week was about all the remarkable and beautiful discoveries below the surface of earth and the bottom of the sea.

2018-12-02 16.32.21Above ground the National Museum of Natural History and Science, short MUHNAC, dealt with endangered animals in Europe and encouraged a discussion about how we can all live next to each other peacefully. It was a great chance to learn more about the wildlife around us and in which areas we can find bear, wolf and lynx today.

After a quick visit of the rural people of Guinea-Bissau, it was time to explore the rest of the universe. I do have quite an interest in astronomy and enjoyed the exhibition about the creation of the universe, our solar system and the history of earth a lot. The display was very interactive and put the different major events into context impressively.

2018-12-02 16.46.02Read the entire story about the National Museum of Natural History and Science on my blog and join me on one of my next visits! Saturday I will go to the National Coach Museum with some friends. Sunday will be the next date then, and you can still choose where to go from this list 😉

See you soon in a museum around Lisbon!


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