The National Museum of Natural History and Science, short MUHNAC, was basically a journey through the elements, time and space. From the bottom of the ocean to planets far, far away. From the beginning of the universe into the future. And it didn’t get boring!


However, I had so much to write afterwards that I decided to split it in two parts. The first deals with what is going on below the surface, a world hidden to us but revealed at MUHNAC. Deep sea exploration is an intriguing topic as it takes us to the darkest corners of this planet. Although it was a lot to read, I loved this part for all the incredible discoveries made hundreds and thousands of meters below.

Nature is amazing and the beauty it creates astonishing. Mining and minerals don’t interest me much in a scientific sense, but looking at all the colourful stones and metals found in the ground is something I like.


Read the entire story about the National Museum of Natural History and Science on my blog and join me on one of my next visits! Saturday I will go to the Bordalo Pinheiro Museum. I saw his work at the Pimenta Palace for the first time and couldn’t wait to see more of it. Sunday will be the next date then, and you can still choose where to go 😉

See you soon in a museum around Lisbon!


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