It has been a tough article to write, because this time I didn’t just have to write about my experiences but I actually had to do some research. The reason was the topic: Masonry.

Everyone of us has heard some strange story about Masons. So did I, without ever looking into the matter any further. When my colleague Anabela suggested the Museum of Masonry I finally got the chance to learn more about this secretive organisation.

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And learn I did! Not only about symbols, the history and influence of Masons on society, but also about myself. It’s not your regular museum displaying art or teaching you about science. It makes you think and maybe even do some further research at home. But you may actually get a different perspective on Masonry and on yourself. At least that’s what happened to me and what made the Museum of Masonry the most enlightening experience so far!

Read the entire story about the Museum of Masonry on my blog and join me on one of my next visits! Saturday and Sunday I will be out again and you can choose where to go 😉

See you soon in a museum around Lisbon!


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