One week ago it was time for museum number six, the National Museum of Music! And not alone this time. No, I brought with me Lisbon Street Art Tours’ very own Marina and a common friend of ours, Wojtek.

We met in the closest metro station, Alto dos Moinhos, and well, didn’t really have to go much further. Just out of the turnstile and through the doors and the museum expands in front of you.

Photo by Wojtek Scibor

At first I had to adjust to the daring green background color but once that was settled an incredible collection of instruments waited to be explored. From all parts of the world, in all forms and sizes and with the most extensive finishes. Unfortunately, however, there was no option to hear the sound of the instruments which was a bit disappointing. Nevertheless, the Museum of Music is a hidden gem in my eyes. Read the full article here to find out why.

Thanks to Wojtek for the nice pictures! To see more impressions from all the museums I have been to so far, make sure to follow me on Instagram.

The next visit will take me to the National Museum of Natural History and Science tomorrow. Not your kind of museum? Then choose your favorite from the list and let’s go there together.

See you soon in a museum around Lisbon 😉


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