The what – visiting all the 65 museums around Lisbon within six months!

The why – learning, exploring and showing that museums aren’t all dusty and boring!

The who – Simon, a dedicated explorer of all areas! Entrepreneurship, social media, the city or nature – you will find him in all of them.

2018-10-14 17.35.26


The Lisbon Museum Quest is inspired by Chris Guillebeau’s book “The Happiness of Pursuit” and an attempt to experience the power of quests. Visiting all the museums will, of course, lead Simon new areas of Lisbon, open his mind to new topics and teach him about culture, countries, art and science. His goal of sharing this quest with other people, encouraging them to come along, however, will give everyone the chance to have the same experiences and lead to unknown opportunities.

Join him on his journey through Lisbon’s colourful museum scene! Choose your favourite museum from his list and visit it together. Don’t forget to follow him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to get the latest articles, updates on the next visits and pictures, of course!

2018-11-23 14.02.35So far he has been to six museums. The last article he published is about the Pavilion of Knowledge in Oriente. It’s a very interactive space with a temporary exhibition about cats and dogs in relation to us humans. Learning with all senses is the theme and makes even physical phenomena relatable and fun!

The next visits will be the “Arpad Szenes-Vieira da Silva Foundation” on Wednesday, November 28, the “Portuguese Museum of Freemasonry” on Friday, November 30, and the “National Museum of Natural History and Science” on Sunday, December 2.


DONE (under-construction ; ) !

  1. Gulbenkian Museum
  2. Pharmacy Museum
  3. Museum of Lisbon – Pimenta Palace
  4. São Roque Museum
  5. National Music Museum
  6. Pavilion of Knowledge




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