Lisbon’s little protégé, Vhils, never stops making us dream with his creativity and crazy ideas.

After shaking the Monsanto Panoramic in Lisbon last month, the Iminente Festival will set up in London from 10/19 to 10/21. This Urban art festival was created in 2016 by Vhils and Underdogs to promote Lusophone culture and share it worldwide. It’s the perfect mix between good music, stunning pieces of art and multiculti exchanges.

This week-end, Londoners will be astonished by wonderful art acts and will stamp their feet on the rhythm of electronic music. But don’t worry, there will be for everyone’s taste: rap lovers will also be able to impress their friends singing by heart the lyrics of Prophecy ft. Fachadaz or Vado Más Ki Ás.

« It is 3 days of expression and artistic provocation with a line-up that represents the cultural vanguard of those who are expanding their art in new directions; challenging, questioning, exploring. Celebrating its explosive, urban, vital, ephemeral, and unexpected nature. » (Description on the event website)

The slogan of this festival is « You better stay at home », but we coulndn’t advice you to do so. It promises to be as amazing as its previous editions. You’ll discover some artists with a lot of talent, inspired by Lusophone culture but not only. You’ll also have the chance to discover the colaboration between Vhils and the Bristish artist Fatboy Slim if you go there.

So, if on an impulse, you buy your plane ticket to London, enjoy these 3 days, have a lot of fun and send us pictures with our #yesyoucanspray. And, of course, don’t leave London without going to Shoreditch, the cradle of street art in the city!

One thing is certain: you’ll come back from this week-end with lots of good memories, aches due to your impressive dance steps and maybe even a bit of artistic inspiration to do yourself some street art ;).

Check more info by clicking on the picture, you’ll be redirected on the website of the event.





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