Hey ! The week-end is coming, and you don’t have any plans yet? Don’t worry, we concocted you a program that will mix art, music, sport, fun and all of this respecting our planet and highlighting social issues.

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  • VER COM OUTROS OLHOS (See with other eyes)

How does a blind person perceive an image? The Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian has the answer and will give it to you through a playful exhibition. You’ll explore the world of arts with other senses such as the touch or the hearing. This exhibition belongs to what we defend in our collective: ARTivism. It aims to embrace all kind of audience, highlighting a social issue and wants to include blind people in a world they are usually excluded from.

Saturday & Sunday:10h-18h / Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.


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  • OVER FLOW- Tadashi Kawamata

If you’re passing by Belem don’t miss the new exhibition in MAAT: Over Flow. Created by a Japanese committed artist, it aims to sensitize the audience to the huge problematics of mass tourism and ecology. This installation presents a fictional nightmarish-but unfortunately not so far from reality- situation in which an ecological disaster engulfed the civilization.

Saturday & Sunday:11h-19h / MAAT


©Os Espacialistas



If you felt concerned by the problematics defended by Tadashi Kawamata, you’ll be interested in joining the Greenfest that is taking place this week-end in Estoril. At less than one hour from Cais do Sodré, the city of Estoril will receive the biggest sustainable development festival of the country. Through workshops, showcooking, music and lots of activities, you’ll get to know more about projects and ideas that can make you an Eco responsible citizen in your everyday life!

Saturday & Sunday/ Centro de Congressos de Estoril





This week agenda definitely wants to sensitize you to the planet cause! This week-end takes place in Anjos the Vegan festival which will present conferences and activities around the theme of veganism. All the activities are free and will lead you to know more about veganism, the causes it defends and give you some cooking ideas.

Saturday: 11H-22h/ Sunday: 11H-20H, Anjos 70.





Our beloved Aka Corleone is holding an exhibition at the Underdogs gallery. If you didn’t go there yet you must do it this week-end. Through his talent, he highlights how pointless are our problems nowadays. “My battery is about to finish”, “I don’t have enough followers on Instagram”, “I don’t know what to watch on TV”, … You’ll recognize yourself in this critical exhibition and maybe even feel a bit guilty…

Saturday: 14h-20h/ Underdogs Gallery




If you like Hip-Hop, you must run to the Time Out studio to assist a concert of the legendary ONYX! Next to Phoenix RDC and Dadda, the authors of “Last Dayz”, “Black Dust” and “Slam” will make your Friday night amazing.

Friday: 23h/ 23€/ Time Out Studio.



Let’s throw back to the young age of street art thanks to this event proposed by the Studio 44, a small bar very popular among Portuguese students. Prepare your best dance steps, review the lyrics of Britney Spears and Spice Girls songs and dress up like you used to at your glory age: it’s time to dance! If you respect the dress code, you’ll get a free entrance. So, don’t disappoint us, and have fun!

Friday: 23h30/ Studio 44/ Free entrance for everybody until 1h.





Last but not least, if you didn’t spend all your energy on the dancefloor, you can subscribe to the marathon of Lisbon that will take place on Sunday. Or the half marathon. Or even the mini marathon (8,5km). Come on, you have no more excuses not to subscribe and have a funny Sunday morning that you’ll be proud of. Or you can also just go there and encourage the brave athletes  😉




If you join one of these events, please let us know with our #whatsuplisboa !



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