Ohno ! You can’t be serious? More rain? We know the country needs it. But we only have a small selection for this week. Be aware… you might still get wet feet walking there. For our open tour of this Saturday, we will be present as usual ; ) But definitely foresee a rainjacket, rainboots and maybe a €3-umbrella !

If you have any other suggestions for us, let us know here !

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  • INDIEFERENTE na janela da voz do operário

If you hurry up you can still make it for this peculiar evening & space. Music & beats by Trol2000 + Rui M. Teixeira to definitely make a move on the dancefloor.

Friday 18:00h – 22:00h / A Janela da Voz do Operário, Rua da Voz do Operário 13, Graça.



Our very first official though still off the records edition of an imaginary evening ! With our yesyoucan.spray collective we wanted to do something different, including one beer or two three. Join creative (and maybe even a little wicked) minds. The idea… gather with a drink and exchange ideas on events, on creative techniques, on hotspots to paint, on life in all its colourful glory ; ) The hotspot to conquer is the cosy & cute Este bar !

Friday 22h – ? / Este Bar, Rua dos Remédios 182, Alfama.


Saturday we would recommend to do the typical touristic stuff. Like enjoying Feira da Ladra in between the storm, hopping the tram28, absorbing some delicious tasters at mercado Campo d’Ourique or a little closer mercado da Ribeira. Or take a walk on the wild side and enjoy the contemporary art museum of Berardo in Belém, or go explore the traditional practice of tiles in the azulejos-museum etc…


Nope it is not a Portuguese holiday, but since we like to celebrate, why not do it together with a bunch of Irish people ; ) The clock round, there will be live funky folk music, 6 nations-rugby and ofcourse Guinness !

Saturday 14:00 – 02:00h / O’Gillins Irish Pub, Rua dos Remolares 10, Cais do Sodré.



Have you ever tried some silly dancing in your life? If not, this is your moment ! Yes, we know… the weatherforecast is not the best for this outdoor event. But let’s turn this into a raindance where we praise those drops for falling down from the sky filling the waterreservoirs as well as the rivers again ; )

Sunday 15:00h – 18:00h / Praça Europa, Cais do Sodré.

»» https://www.facebook.com/events/416456665451344/ ««

And don’t forget our open tour on Saturday @ 15h @ Praça Luís Camões ! You can register here !

And last but not least… Remember the wise words of the great philosopher Nietzsche « And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. »

If you join any of our suggested events, let us know with our #whatsuplisboa !



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