Recently under the spotlights with his solo show at Underdogs gallery, it was about time to introduce you to Mário Belém. You probably cross at least one of his wall if you went to Pensão Amor.

When he was young he started drawing Disney-figures (Mickey n Snoopy). He worked during 15 years as a creative designer and got famous with his powerful illustrations made with photomontages.


Even though he studied graphic design and learned drawing by “the best” (Zozimo and José Bandeira), he only picked up drawing again after a long while as well as try out spraying on the walls. From architecture to graphic design he had to learn to draw and the digital pen tablet became his best friend for it.


Mário is now spreading his talents through the artistic world, fast becoming one of the most prolific artists in his generation. He always tries to put a personal element within his works, QUESTIONING all of humanity. If you ask him about his favorite color here is what he would say : “More than a favourite colour I love the way that different colours work together. Right now I am addicted to the colour transition that goes from warm yellow to orange to indigo to pink to purple (very important: no green!).”*



Got interested to check out more:

his facebook page

If you got any picture collected from his pieces around the world, share it with us using our #lisbonstreetarttours  ; )

*extract of the interview made for


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