Olaaaaa beautiful people! We hope you had a good week, maybe discovering the streets of Lisboa. Like every Friday we reveal you some cultural events and interesting parties that you can join. If you know some, please feel free to add in the comment area. 🙂


  • Discover Teresa Seabra art gallery with its new show. Like the meaning of the word archipelago – a group of islands close to each other or which are in any way connected – this exhibition brings together 29 artists from 15 different countries united by the same theme.
    Opening on Saturday 17h-21h / rua da Rosa 158



  • Sometimes it’s also nice to remember the classics. Don’t forget that Feira da Ladra is happening on Saturday in Alfama.
    Saturday 9h-17h / Campo de Santa Clara.



  • Nice initiative from Disgraça, a solidarity tattoo and piercing convention to support the prisoners. During 2 days you get the chance to have a tattoo or piercing and participate to the talks and screenings.
    Saturday and Sunday 12h-23h / rua Penha da França 217AB



We have 2 birthday-parties of places we like this Sunday:

  • Volta, the creative atelier of LX Factory celebrates its first year anniversary and changes its name for the occasion to FICA like a statement.
    Sunday 16h-20h / rua Rodrigues Faria 103 (LX Factory)


  • Foodprintz, one of our partner is also celebrating it’s first year anniversary! We are really happy for them.
    Sunday 15h-18h / rua Rodrigo da Fonseca 82a



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