It’s Friday, it’s time for our agenda “what’s up Lisboa”!

We hope you had a good week with this sunny weather, let’s check now what you can do during this “fim de semana”:


  • The Adivasi art forms ethiCollective is bringing to Lisbon have been passed on from generation to generation for thousands of years and, since many of these ethnic groups are at risk of extinction, it is important to promote its preservation. Discover it at Má língua!
    Friday 19h / rua da Senhora do Monte 1c, Graça


  • If you are into illustration and keen on getting to know the Portuguese scene, we recommend you to go to the 1st year anniversary of “it’s a book” with many artists exposed as Bernardo P. Carvalho, Catarina Sobral, Elias Gato, Joana Estrela, Yara Kono, Maria Remédio, Teresa Cortez, Serrote e Triciclo.
    Saturday 16h-20h / rua Forno do Tijolo 30A, Anjos



  • A Ilha and Pierre von Kleist editions would like to invite you to the opening of the exhibition and book launch of ‘Okinawa’, by Japanese photographer Keiko Nomura.
    Saturday 18h-00h / rua da Ilha do Principe 3a, porta E



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