This Wednesday we wanna present to you a great artivist: Jaqueline De Montaigne.

Schermata 2017-08-02 alle 12.35.57.png


There are lots of reasons to keep her in your mind: she is a notable multidisciplinary artist and human rights activist, working all around the world.

Born in Lisbon, she was raised in Saudi Arabia, Scotland and East Asia, later returning to Portugal to live at the age of 20. Her work is focused on the ‘awkward, raw and rough beauty’  of her subjects; her approach to art is critical and her portfolio evolves following her understudy and self taught.

This is the wall she painted in Barrio Alto during the Urban creativity conference:

Schermata 2017-08-02 alle 12.34.06.png
JD Montaigne @ Teatro do Bairro © Marina Aguiar 

But De Montaigne does not see herself as a street artist.  The walls she has painted over the last few years are merely a canvas, another surface with it’s own character.

Schermata 2017-08-02 alle 12.37.58.png

Jacqueline accidentally stumbled on the street art scene when she was invited to do a mural in Lx factory in 2015. Since then she has been working on the priceless opportunity to bring awareness to neglected areas of human rights and social issues through street art, not only as a street artist but also as a curator/motivator encouraging street artists and artists to do the same.


Follow her on fb:

and on her website:



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