Good Wednesday with an amazing artist, who was in Lisbon in last month, for the Urbancreativity Conference: Rezine 69.

If you look around the city,  you’ll find some of his works!


From Lyon (France), he is a multi-disciplinary artist recognized for his exhibitions for contemporary art museums and galleries; his painted murals and performances commissioned by cultural institutions and private companies.

Rezine combines in his work calligraphy, 3D graffiti, technological and architectural elements which aims to convey the concept of “mutation”, calling upon the viewer to immerse himself in a parallel consciousness and relationship to the world.

Schermata 2017-07-26 alle 15.39.30.png

From the multiplicity of the traditional mediums (paper, canvas, installation, murals) he uses, to the omnipresent representation of movement in his work, one can feel his desire to exceed the physical limits imposed by these mediums to reach another perspective of creation.

Schermata 2017-07-26 alle 15.36.37.png

His surrealist style goes beyond the borders of the different medias he uses: this is an example of his great works of lightpainting he presented during the Conference.


Do you wanna know how he works? Check out his videos !!

And follow him on these pages:



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