It’s Friday again: it’s time to check our agenda for the weekend!

  • Let’s start our Friday evening in Martim Moniz: Chão da Rua, a collective promoting the green side of the city throughout urban intervention, is going to spread good music and seeds!

Friday from h18 – Praça Martim Moniz



  • Are you interested in oriental cultures? You can’t miss the Festa do Japão!

Saturday from h16 – Parque das Nações


  • Don’t  take on any commitment for your Saturday evening: Jhon Douglas, one of the artist who’s going to paint in our paint session in 2 weeks, is going to play in Má Línga. Join us following indigenous rhythms!

Saturday from h21.30 – Má língua Rua da Senhora do monte 1C



  • Sunday is female: here you can find an interesting event about feminist issues!


PUB(L)IC HAIR an “illustrated conversation” with women about their body hair

Sunday from h16 – Zona Franca nos Anjos Rua de Moçambique 42





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