Friday what’s up Lisboa #26

Ola Ola!

It’s Friday it’s time for the agenda 🙂

  • If it’s not raining anymore (and it should not) you can go to Jardim do Torel for the Sonidera Let’s get tropical with DJ set.
    Friday 18h-22h
    Jardim do Torel



  • Kruella D’enfer is having a solo show in Principe Real involving 2 other artists (only for the week-end)
    Friday to Sunday
    Art Room
    Pátio do Tejolo, nº 1 à D, Pedro V18077334_1482694365095431_4051077350306665083_o.jpg


  • If you are into mask go see in Belém the XII Festival Internacional da Máscara Ibérica
    Friday to Sunday
    Jardim da Praça do Império in Belém

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