Today we introduce you to #feoflip from Canary Islands


Beforehand a skaterboy always carrying around a spraycan in his backpack. From 2001 onwards the night and the clandestine interventions become the modus operandi for his alter ego. Embedded in a style influenced by science fiction, comics and “surrealismo”, each piece builds on itself and becomes a bottled message which will stop in whose imagination drifts have time to stop and contemplate. In August 2015 he passed Lisbon and left some wonderful illegal pieces behind. From graffitispray to paste-up to they create allegories, featuring emotions and nonsense that reflect a dehumanized society because of technological change, a kind of social criticism expressed.
Feoflip says his, “creatures still mutate and carry a strong message that is only visible for those who attempt to understand the piece”.



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